The Windshileders Marcorie Toussaint & Bryanne EYma


We want $150,000 investment in exchange for 15% equity in our company.

What is the Windshilders?

Windshilders is an inovative company that works to help individuals see better while driving.

Have your side mirrors ever fogged up and no matter how hard you wipe it you couldn't get it completely clear. Then as you were driving you had trouble seeing what was next to you. Well that's a not a problem anymore.

Simply attach our clip on technology to your side mirror and turn it on. Then watch your mirror go from a foggy mess to so clean it looks fresh from the dealership.

Our product is mini winshdiled wipers for your side view mirror. The Whindshielder is a clipable mini solar powered side mirror wiper that starts up with the click of a button. The wiper clears of stains, fog, dirt, snow, and rain off of your side mirror when activated.

Cost Analysis

Total cost per Unit~ $2.62

Estimated Price per Unit~ $15

Units sold per day~ 250

Revenu per day~ $3,750

Cost per day~ $755

Profit per day~ $2,995

Profit per month~ $89,850

Profit per year~ $2,695,500

Advertising Fees

Packaging box~ $0.06

Yearly (Annual) packaging cost~ $432.00

Shipment Fees

FedEx rate~ $400

Yearly (Annual) Cost~ $4,800 (Bulk shipping on first Friday of every month)


Advertisement on facebook Ad~ $10 per month


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