Top 10 Portfolio By: Juliana Rodriguez

The first day of class, we were required to build a tower as tall as possible using tape and markers that were given to us. Although I did not build the tallest tower in the class, I learned how to create something utilizing the tools that were given to me. I know in the future, there will be situations at school and in my career where I will have to complete a task using the materials that are provided to me.
One of my favorite activities was illustrating a creativity timeline. I have always recognized the stages in my life where I was more creative, especially throughout my childhood, but this activity made me discover the barriers that limited my creativity as I got older. I concluded that my constant use of social media as well as my workload from school limits my ability to engage in activities that stimulates my creativity.
I enjoyed the activity where we had to make a resume for a creative person of our choice. I chose Ellen DeGeneres because I have been watching her show since I was in elementary school. I discovered that her creative process is based around humor and kindness.
Making a children's learning tool prototype was very challenging and there was a lot I learned along the way. With my team we designed a board game where children are able to learn about different careers in a fun manner. I learned how to make a prototype with a laser printer which is something I have never done before. Along with my team, I was able to analyze our final product as well as our creative process throughout this project. We agreed that in the future, we could have made it better by adding more careers to the board game. I learned how to think of an idea and make it come true regardless of the time constraints and I know I will be put in many situations like this in the future.
In class, we were shown a Ted Talk with scientist John Bohannon. John's presentation was very creative because he was trying to show a creative way to present to an audience rather than the traditional power points. While he was describing the movement of atoms and light, there were dancers in the background depicting the movement. After watching the presentation, I was able to understand the scientific terms he was teaching. In my future presentations, I want to think outside of the box and make my presentations more creative and intriguing.
In class, we were shown Cleveland Clinic's empathy commercial. After watching the video, as an assignment, we had to write down three health related problems we noticed on campus for seven days. I used my observation skills and noticed I was more alert than usual throughout the week. Major problems I noticed were related to stress, sleep deprivation, and unhealthy food choices.
To practice abstracting, we were instructed to draw our favorite animal. What made it hard was that we were not allowed to let go of our pencil from the paper more than three times. Abstracting is being able to remove details from something and look at the overall picture. I can apply this skill in future situations where I have to think abstractly in order to solve a problem.
In the beginning of this course when we were trying to learn each other's names, we were asked to draw a name tag using our non dominant hand and an image that can be associated with our name to better memorize it. I chose to draw an airplane because of my fascination with traveling and aviation. Throughout the semester I always referred back to the name tag I created and always thought about taking aviation classes for fun. Just last week I decided to finally enroll in my first class for aviation. I believe the simple name tag I made in this class really helped me to push towards pursuing this interest.
To practice forming and recognizing patterns, we cut out post it notes into a shape and make a tessellation out of it. I really enjoyed this activity so I decided to incorporate it into my 30 day challenge. My favorite tessellation I made was Yoda because it was a unique pattern I wasn't expecting to make.
The "Where I'm From" poem made me step out of my comfort zone. I do not like creative writing but when I got deeper into thought, I realized it was easy to write about where I am from. Coming from Miami, I visualized and wrote about the blue water beaches, crisp air, and warm sun that I miss since I've been in Gainesville.

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