PARK HILL PREPARATORY SCHOOL 1st june 2020 - information for parents

From the Headmaster:

In advance of at least a partial return to school tomorrow morning, I am conscious that I should share with you again the details and procedures we shall be following but also publish images of just how this very generous warm weather from the last few weeks has benefitted the school garden.

Although not significant you will also see that we have also been creative and some areas of the school have received something of a mini facelift. I have also included some images and explanation of the 'signage' that we hope will be well received to ensure the requisite distancing at drop-off and collection times without our school looking intimidating or alien as some of our children eagerly return.

I am very much looking to seeing many of you in person tomorrow and to seeing you all at various points during the week through the marvels of zoom. We will naturally keep a very close eye on the Government regulations and pass on to you any changes in the course of this final half term.

As ever, please do not hesitate to ring the school if I can help in any way, it is vital that we maintain the welcoming and warm atmosphere of the school even if we can quite return to the Park Hill handshake just yet...


PS - I have been unable to obtain full clarification, but it may be that roadworks may start tomorrow morning leading to the closure of Queens Road for two days. I understand that it is for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit and traffic island works to restrict large vehicles using the road. Perhaps the perfect reason to use bikes and scooters?

The underlying principle, indeed one that informs all that we do at Park Hill, is to simply do what is right for our children and whole community. It is this empathy and compassion that will ensure our children continue to thrive and prosper.

We have outlined below the measures we plan on taking to ensure the safety of all members of our community in managing the return to school. As always, we will continue to review the success of each measure, and adjust accordingly to maintain safety and quality. We will continue to monitor and seek advice from the relevant authorities to ensure high standards of care and hygiene.

As I have previously explained, we are fortunate by our very nature to enjoy smaller class sizes than not just local state schools but also most nearby independent schools. As a result we have an advantage at being able to implement the various regulations and requirements without necessarily impacting on provision, nor causing additional confusion or anxiety. We do not currently anticipate that any class will be larger than fifteen, thereby not requiring additional division of individual classes. As per the guidance, children in their respective classes will not mix with other classes. This will minimise the number of individuals pupils interact with during the school day.

The physical and mental health of our children is critical to our plans detailed below.

Our school must be a welcoming and happy place, where our children relish their learning thanks to the talents and abilities of colleagues. We will ensure that it will be a calm and inviting place to return to and be mindful of how we deploy signage to manage movement around the site. We will be using natural materials for the establishment of outdoor classrooms and use natural resources such as wood to indicate distancing measures and movement around the site. Hygiene measures, such as hand washing, will be calmly and sensitively reinforced to reduce anxiety.


I would ask that these timings are followed in order to ensure a smooth and calm arrival to school. We want children to look forward to coming to school and not be trepidatious of walking up the steps. These timings are simply in place to minimise mixing outside of their class.

0800 – 0815 – Year 6 (and siblings) and Year 1 (and siblings) children to arrive

0815 – 0830 – Reception (and siblings) to arrive

0830 - 0845 – Nursery (1st and 2nd Steps) to arrive

I appreciate that there will be times when circumstances may combine to cause delay, I would ask that you allow us to manage the arrival times and allow children to enter at a suitable time, potentially waiting until after 0845.

On arrival, ensuring a calm and welcoming environment, the process will be as follows:

Children and parents to walk up the slope (by the minibus)

As you can see from the image, we have used wooden slices to indicate 2m distancing measures should there be a need to queue prior to dropping off or collecting your children.

I will greet each and everyone of you by the main school door and take the temperature of each child.

Parents to then make their way down the school steps to the pavement

Children to enter through side gate

Children will wash hands using soap and water at their allocated facility before going to class

Internal doors will be kept open to avoid contact and a route to each classroom identified

In Class

Wherever possible, lessons will take place in an allocated area in the school grounds. We consider time outdoors and in the natural environment crucial for the health of our children. Children will be allocated their own desk/area.

Desks will be arranged to maintain social distancing rules as effectively as the space allows. Official guidance states that children do not need to adhere to the 2m requirement during the day. However, working areas are set to maximise distance between individuals.

Children will need to bring and then leave in school their own stationery. iPad devices will remain an essential tool and will be cleansed on arrival and again prior to dismissal.

iPad devices will go home each day to enable children to continue with their learning and to further facilitate communication.

Children must charge their device overnight so that it is ready for the next day. It is essential that children bring in to school their own headphones and stylus.

These items will remain in school.

Academic Provision

We are enormously proud of the standard that we have set in recent weeks and believe that this can be maintained and developed when children return to the school site.

The majority of children in Reception and Year 1 will be returning to school on 1st June. Lessons will continue to be delivered through the platforms of Showbie or Tapestry. The work and curriculum content that children undertake either at home or in school will be the same. Colleagues have provided a Zoom timetable for children not choosing to return on 1st June

We have removed items from around the site such as soft furnishings and fabrics for the time being.

Due to the nature of our combined Year 6 and Year 5 class, lessons will continue to be delivered through Zoom, albeit with those children returning on 1st June being physically in class gaining from that social interaction and support. The timetable will remain the same.

The timetables for Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 will also continue to be delivered as per the published and current timetable, albeit with an increased number of 'live' zoom lessons in certain classes. These refined timetables are available in the respective Showbie folders.

First Steps children will enjoy a continuous provision within their airy classroom and separate outdoor area and toilet facilities as will Second Steps with their own shaded area and facilities.

Break Times

We are fortunate to have a great deal of outdoor space available to us, and similarly, we already use our space efficiently in the structure of break times prior to this outbreak.

Break will continue to take place from 1030 – 1100 as normal.

Individual classes will be allocated their own areas of the schools grounds, with surfaces cleaned prior to use and following each break.

Children will eat lunch either in their classrooms or, more likely, in their allocated ‘outdoor classroom.’ Desks and tables will be wiped down and disinfected after they have eaten.

I would ask that children bring in a packed lunch and snack, certainly for the first two weeks upon return. Whilst we will continue to review the lunch provision it seems prudent to restrict deliveries and movement around the site. I would ask that packed lunches do not contain nuts and children reminded not to share or swap items. Packed lunches will be stored in a cool environment but not refrigerated, a cool bag for the packed lunch is needed. Children will also require a named water bottle to be left in school.

Moving around site

There will only be one child at a time permitted in the toilets to maintain distancing, and children encouraged to use the hand sanitiser on return to the classroom. Mixing of classes will avoided and managed accordingly.

Home time

Parents are asked to wait on the pavement outside school and calmly respect social distancing measures. Children will be dismissed from the side gate at the times outlined below having been called one at a time from their classes. Children will wash their hands as they depart.

1200/1520: Nursery

1540: Reception

1550: Year 1

1600: Year 6

We will be offering after care provision to 1730 for children of key workers only.


The school has completed a full disinfecting deep clean over the half term period. In addition to this, time has been allocated to disinfecting cleaning to take place each evening by our cleaning team.


I am conscious that many of our children may well have grown out of existing school uniform. I shall be taking a pragmatic approach to uniform for the summer term. For boys, grey school shorts and a white shirt is sufficient. For girls in Y6, the grey skirt and either a white shirt or striped pink blouse is suitable. For Reception and Year 1 girls, the pink summer dress or grey skirt with white shirt is acceptable at this time. On cooler days, children are welcome to wear the grey school jumper or school tracksuit top. No school blazer is required at this point.

Children will need a school cap with sun protection applied prior to the start of the day as teachers will be unable to apply cream. Children are welcome to apply their own sun protection, ideally through a spray method.

Cycling, Scooting and Push Chairs

I am very keen to encourage more of our children and families to cycle or scoot to school. I am hopeful that with the Government promoting such activities that we, as a school, can also encourage children to enjoy these modes of transport. Again, the physical and mental benefits of this are particularly important. As such, I am in contact with the Council to explore how they may be able to help and we are investing in additional secure bike and scooter racks for the front of school to encourage their use.

Whilst you are welcome to leave pushchairs and prams at the front of the school, I would ask that no pushchairs or prams are left by the side gate to enable us to manage the required movement around the school site.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming back our children. As a teacher, you thrive from being around children. I cannot stress enough how determined we are to provide for the physical and mental health of our children and staff whilst ensuring we adhere to the regulations and requirements.

We will continue to monitor the advice from the Department for Education and Public Health England and communicate to you any recommended or required alterations or amendments.

I really look forward to standing at the front of school welcoming many of you back tomorrow morning. I also hope that the rate of infection and controls in place will also facilitate the return of the whole school in due course.

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