-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

This has probably been the most productive week so far. I got all kinds of things done from conceptual drawings to animations and tileset work. However some problems with google drive has lead to one of the tilesets being lost (the interior tileset) I was able to recover an older version so only some work was lost, the work being chairs and tables, so it isn't a huge set back.

I started drawing up ideas for an ogre, there was a few properties I wanted from the outcome, I wanted the ogre to seem aggressive and fierce.

I used an app called procreate on my Ipad along with the apple pencil to create this concept of an ogre

I annotated the concept so I could remember some of the things that were going through my mind as I drew, I guess you could call this a creative process.

I think I need to practice my drawing on focused subjects like hands and feet as those are my to main weak points in my drawings, I purchased an add on for procreate to allow me to set up a custom perspective grid, which helps a lot and I assume it will come in very handy when doing landscape drawing.

This is the end result using that conceptual design I loosely based it on that and changed/edited a few things to make it fit on the pixel grid

in game version of the ogre

I also did and ogre animation for him to be smashing down (his attack) I recorded this using "bandicam" on my computer at home and sped it up using "camtasia" recording timelaspe videos is much easier on my ipad as

The video is sped up by 4x (400% normal speed) the actual task took around 20-25 minutes. I am very happy with the way that the ogre animation turned out, I feel the smashing animation really captured the the ogre's brutish personality and I can't wait to see it in the game with screen shaking and awesome sounds.

I also did concept art for a couple of other things such as this golden armour.

this was also done on procreate with the Ipad and apple pencil

I used procreate's layers to build up effects and I would do them pretty dark and exaggerated like the scratches on the armour then turn the opacity down. everything outside the black lines of the armour is purely just to make the actual chest plate stand out.

I also drew up a creature that I have no name for yet. (all the next 5 pictures are made in procreate using the apple pencil on Ipad)

I began with extremely rough silhouette design to get an idea for what i wanted to achieve

I didn't take me long to decide on the style of the creature, and I like the idea of it being some form of wild dog.

trace of the silhouette

I began sketching out the anatomy of the animal.

I couldn't get the eye to look right so I drew it up how i wanted it to look at a bigger size
full outline of the creature
after rough colouring

I coloured the creature very roughly and used a "hair brush" to get some fur details on the creature and highlighted areas where skin would be stretched in red, I didn't go into much detail as as I'm not fully satisfied with the result, but I like the concept and I want to refine it more, I will use this concept to create a better version of this creature.

I think i will draw up some more silhouettes of the creature that closely resemble the current version and recolour/retexture them to improve it, if not I can always use them as additional variations, maybe different ages or genders of the animal look different. I'm not sure, the idea will have to be more thoroughly thought out.

I also have a bunch of ideas for more wildlife in the game which I have noted down in my A5 sketchbook, things like a deer with water elements - maybe you can see its organs and they are made of a strange elemental material or a boar with a skinned head (so its body would be normal but its head would represent the animals skull)

Overall I'm very happy with the work I got done this week, I feel like all concepts and ideas are bringing the game to a more full conclusion and I can't wait to see how they look when their pixel versions are finally in the game. We have also made plans to go to Cannock Chase next week and I hope to get some great shots of landscape and textures using Anthony's camera that he offered to lend me, and Mitch plans on recording new sounds for the game such as water which i think we really help the ambiance and it is now starting to feel more and more like a game as things get added and I'm proud of the group so far as to how much we have achieved.

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