MIPS Monthly Income Planning sessions

In January of this year, we committed to Monthly Income Planning Sessions (MIPS).
It's easy to recognize that things are likely to go better with good planning...
... whether we're planning things like birthday parties and family vacations, or we're planning things like meetings and enrollments ...
"Winging it" rarely provides the desired outcome.
Our industry is quickly changing and a one-month period of time can have a significant impact in your business.
And, your family has important goals!!
Whether its buying a new home, getting out of debt, or paying college tuition for yourself or your kids.... Aflac wants you to have the type of results you're looking for in the 4th Quarter.
You are in the driver seat of your future!!
And waiting is one of the worst things a person can do.
Monthly Planning Sessions are designed to help your business become more profitable by developing a strategy for your upcoming month.
This conversation is centered around your family's income needs and goals...
so that you WIN BIG!
In Monthly Income Planning Sessions, you have the opportunity to sit down with your DSC and RSC together ...
to map out a winning plan for your business and your income this month.
We will discuss good business strategies,
plan profitable open enrollments,
look at which Value Adds, positioned correctly, could help boost the income from your enrollments,
explore other ideas for you to earn more commissions,
share selling practices and methodology to help you close more business,
build the blueprint for you to knock-out your New Associate Bonuses or your VIP,
and shape your path to be on stage receiving awards and recognition for your hard work at kickoff.
Make sure you're scheduled with your RSC and DSC for an Monthly Associate Planning Session this month. 100% Value Guaranteed.
💥 We want you to WIN big in the 4th Quarter, and we are confident that Monthly Income Planning Sessions can help drive your success! 💥
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