Journey Log 9 Shanias - Shania Steele

Shania Steele

Section 041

Journey Log #9


So here’s a little bit about my recent experience in Minecraft. I was tasked with building a sanctuary for my monster, Medusa. Now since she’s a historical character from Greek times, it was kind of hard trying to figure out exactly what her place of residence would look like. This means that building it was completely made up in my imagination.

Let’s just remember that her whole punishment revolved around living out the rest of her days in solitude; therefore, no one has seen or documented where she lived after becoming a monster. I’d like to think that it’s safe to assume that the building would be in the middle of nowhere, probably on top of a mountain or deep in the middle of the woods somewhere. Since the whole world in Minecraft is sort of in the middle of nowhere, I just walked really far away from any buildings and hoped for the best. Although Greeks did have very detailed architecture back in their time, I went for a simple rectangle building since Medusa was sent out there as punishment and shouldn’t be rewarded with an elaborate structure to live out the rest of her days. Not to mention the fact that no one would get to see it and appreciate it.

After choosing the location of Medusa’s solitude, I had to decide on what the outside of the building would look like. Due to the setting of Medusa’s myth, I decided to go with stones that had vines on them to go for the more of the ancient and worn look. I thought the wooden doors, as well as the torches around them, would go best with the ancient times theme. I added tons of flowers to help with the curb appeal of the building. Although they don’t look very realistic, I was hoping the bright colored flowers on the outside would help add to the opposite feeling I was going for on the inside of the building. The flowers, and garden on top of the roof, also gave Medusa another hobby to attend to in her life of solitude. Another feature on the outside of the house are the numerous statues located on top of and around the building. These are supposed to symbolize the concrete figures that Medusa would make with her eyes from her enemies and others that tried to cross her path. There isn’t much detail besides the actual stone and a head on top, which doesn’t look like much of a statue at all, but I DID TRY.

Another issue I ran into is that no one knows exactly how she spent her days so trying to figure out what was on the inside of her house was difficult. Since her story was set in ancient times, she couldn’t have any type of technology or other recent forms of entertainment in her house. So basically she could read books and paint. As I mentioned above, I thought Medusa would enjoy gardening in addition to her books and paintings. As soon as you enter, there is a whole room of dead flowers in pots. I was hoping to add an eerie feeling to the dimly lit room as well as show how her attempts at gardening have failed, although she keeps trying.

In case you weren’t sure, yes that is another statue in the middle of the room. Directly across from the door is a trap door that leads to her room. I wanted to give it a more dungeon type feeling to add to the eeriness of the building. It’s quite a large room with only the necessities: a bed, bookshelves, and paintings. Her “favorite” statue is also in the corner of the room nearest her bed. If you travel further, you find a very small room that has a few more statues inside. The witches’ cauldrons have no purpose whatsoever except to add to the dungeon feeling.

Below I included the full video that tours both the inside and outside of Medusa's Sanctuary.

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