The Threat By Ethan Leclerc

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On a Wednesday afternoon, Me (Ethan) and Dillon were on the bus on the way home from school. On our bus there is a lot of kids that are troublemakers. Most of these kids were either disrespectful to other kids in the lower grades, or to our bus driver Mrs. Kane. There was a lot of explicit language said on the bus by these kids. But one notable one was Chapo and he was a bully. He would get in trouble a lot by Mrs. Kane because of bullying. On this day, Chapo was making fun of Dillon. Dillon and Chapo were calling each other names and using explicit language. Chapo was threatening Dillon that he would beat him up and get off at our bus stop.

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We then got to the bus stop and Chapo tried to get off the bus. Mrs. Kane then threatened to call the cops on Chapo and he got back on the bus. Chapo then told Dillon he was going to ride his bike up to his house and beat him up. Dillon followed me up to my house so Chapo would not know where he was. We got to the middle of the hill and we saw Chapo on his bike riding towards us.

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Chapo had a backpack on and we all started to get near each other. Chapo had been threatening me and Dillon the whole time so we started to panic. An old lady named Jean had come out to ask what was going on. Our friend Eric had told her what was going on. Jean had been warning him to get away from us but Chapo did not listen. Chapo told the lady to back off and that she had nothing to do with this. The lady was threatening to call the cops on him but ended up backing out. I then had to calm Dillon down who was about to fight Chapo and then they calmed down.

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I had then decided I needed to get Chapo and Dillon away from each other. I called the cops and told Chapo but he did not care or get scared. Then out of nowhere, my grandparents show up. They had decided to come to my house to give me a loaf of bread for a snack. I then had told them that I called the cops on Chapo and that they were on their way. Meanwhile, Chapo had heard the police sirens and rode his bike across the street and down the road. My grandparents had told me they would stay with me, Dillon and Eric to make sure we were ok.

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The cop had then came and was asking us what happened. Dillon had told him that Chapo had been bullying him and what happened on the bus. I then stood up for Dillon and told the cops that Chapo was threatening him with a knife and would not leave us alone. My Grandparents then told us that Chapo had run down his street hiding from the cops. The cop had then told us to wait for a while and he would be back after talking to Chapo.

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The cop then came back and told us we were ok. The cop said that we did not have to worry about him coming back to worry us and told go home. Chapo was told that if he did try to come back that he would be under arrest. Me, Eric, and Dillon were all happy and the drama was finally over. My Grandparents then went home and gave me my bread. Eric and Jean went back home and Dillon came over my house. Dillon thanked me for calling the cops and for ending the situation.

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