Human Trafficking Jada perkins

Beacause girls are getting sold to have sex with people they don't know.
because the girls dont want to do this
becasue the girls dont want to do this and they want help
The girls are getting hurt they dont like want they are doing
We can go on strike
We can try and find the girls
We can send cop undercover.


Created with images by Imagens Evangélicas - "Human trafficking" • jonny goldstein - "Cycle of Human Trafficking: Loan Shark" • dualdflipflop - "Beaten" • See-ming Lee 李思明 SML - "“干諾道中夜間交通 Connaught Road C Nighttime Traffic” / 香港中環人流 Hong Kong Central Human Logistics / SML.20130326.7D.36733.BW" • state_libraryofohio - "Human Trafficking Stakeholder" • WeNews - "P1100358"

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