Ride More , Worry Less

We all want to achieve something in life whether or not its achieving gold at the Olympics like Charlotte Dujardin or Just achieving little goals. My story starts with 1 girl and 1 pony trying to achieve the small things in life but sometimes reaching out trying to achieve something big is just what you need.

It was normal sunday morning 6am start ready to get to the show at 9am you may think 3hrs is a long time but for a girl with a grey horse 3hrs can be an utter night mare. Millie was that annoying grey that decided to role around in poo before a big show day Liv used to love show days when she was on her little pony mouse who was 11.2hh now she rides a 15.2 hh grey mare (Millie). Liv always had nerves before jumping Millie as she was a very green mare who didnt always take everything in her stride.

As Liv got to the yard she looked down at the dew on the emerald green grass, taking a deep breath in she entered the field. All the horse cantered towards here, Millie's ears pricked up she began to slow down and over tracked her trot then slowly down to a walk. She slid the burgundy headcollar over Millie's pale grey ears.

As she entered the barn and tied Millie up, she could tell Millie knew she was going to a party. She picked out Millie's hoofs and painted and brushed her hoofs to make sure they were shining. She then grabbed the dandy brush and got rid of Millie's mud marks that Millie clear received when rolling and messing around in the field.

Once Millie was loaded, Caroline (Liv's Neighbour and Second Mum) began to drive out of the electric gates and headed for borde hill , Liv had been here before when caroline competed flo at a one day event last summer. Now its the Summer of 2016 and it was Liv's turn not to do a one day event but to show jump. Liv felt more at home eventing and galloping across acres of fields leaping over jumps up showjumping was more nerving for Liv. Millies jumping colours were burgundy and she had a burgundy show jacket to match too.

Liv was the first to jump , Millie tacked up and ready to go and Livs mum Kerry and Caroline standing at the sideline watching with their hearts in there mouth, The winner of this competition was put through to jump at Windsor, This was one of Livs long time ambitions.

The bell rang, Millie approached the first jump , her ears locked on this calmed livs nerves as this usually meant that Millie was going to jump the jump that faced her, Over the First and Second. Up and over the third , fourth and fifth, Six was a waterjump Millie hadnt jumped on of these before as she approached her ears locked back to her head. Liv clung on for dear life Every thing went black.

Liv woke up in a hospital with her leg in cast she looked down as tear wept from her eyes and her heart suck to the bottom of her feet. Her life ambition was over.

4 months later after a long period of physio Liv decided enough was enough and she was going to make her ambition a reality. Months and months went on and Liv began jumping Millie and preparing to compete again.

The day slowly approached and today was the day liv was going to qualify for Windsors this time she was prepared.

Over the first , second , third jump again over the fourth fifth and sixth the bell rung and liv went clear. Later that day Liv recived a phone call from a unknown number " hello ?"

She qualified to jump at the royal windsor horse show.

Liv story proves that you dont need to be born into a rich family to be able to have the chance to do something you want

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