HARN Museum Mark weaver

This picture does not do this piece of art justice. It is a because of the unique medium that is not shown in this photo. It is made of aluminum foil, acrylic, and polyresin. The combination of these different materials makes the surface of the piece appear in a very unique way. The colors are blended together, but there is a glimmer of silver from the aluminum. The artwork made me feel how much hard work and creativity went into creating this piece. This piece was done by John Chamberliain, and it is untitled.
The African section of the museum really grabbed my attention. The layout was unique, but my favorite part was all of the different kinds of art types it had. It had a video, writing on walls, sculptures, and paintings. This exhibit helped me experience the history of Africa and its people. All of the different types of art forms aided in helping me experience this.
This painting, "Southern Teamster" by Palmer Hayden, depicts black workers working together. The painting is very simple and not very colorful. However, it was one of my favorite paintings in the museum. I like this work, because it depicts working together to achieve a goal. Also, it is remembering those who are often forgotten in the history books. Both of these are things that I value and hold close to my heart. This work made me feel happy that these workers are being remembered.
This painting, "Street Scene, Market Place" by Jonas Lie, shows common people spending time together. It is a beautiful day and everyone seems to be getting along together. The theme depicted in this painting is that all one needs is good friends in life in order to have happiness. This work is telling its viewers to have fun with your friends and to enjoy their company. The painting is reminding us to remember to laugh and relax ever once in awhile. This adds to my understanding of the good life, because now I realize that I must have others around me in order to live the good life.

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