AndrewJackson a Villain Why people call him "King Andrew"

Andrew Jackson caused harm to many Native Americans while people argue he did what was best for the country, he really only did what he wanted and caused lots of harm to the American Indians

The Native Americans were forced to leave their lands by Andrew Jackson

"If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution by morning." he said this even though Supreme Court deemed the National Bank of America constitutional, he got rid of it and opened up state banks which would help out common people as he was known as the common people's man but he also hurt richer people and supported gold and silver as currency over dollar bills.

Jackson supported gold and silver currency

In another disputed case Jackson put a tax on imported goods which was supposed to boost the economy in America as people in America would trade more with people in America. What happened was that it helped the north's economy, but hurt the south's economy really badly because they relied on trade with foreigners for their cotton gin in return for other goods and South Carolina even threatened to leave the U.S but he got a bill passed to let his army go down there and force them to pay their taxes.

Another point against Jackson is that he was looked at as a tyrant for his abuse of the checks and balance system, he always got what he wanted whether it meant avoiding this system and doing what he wanted anyway like the Indian Removal Act or the Tariff of 1832.

You could argue that Andrew Jackson did what was best for the country in taking fertile land, but also he set up the Indian Removal Act to set up possible trade with the Indians but didn't say that if they failed to reach an agreement he could force them to move, after removing many sad natives fro their land he gave them barren land for which they could not grow vital foods for the way they lived.

In Andrew Jackson's biggest decision instead of going to his advisory who he had nominated and gotten the job, he went to his 3 friends and listened to them over his trusted government officials. He called them his "Kitchen Cabinet" because they were his second cabinet the only reason he did it this way was that he knew if he nominated his friends Congress would say no so he nominated people for the jib and when Congress said yes proceeded to get his friends opinion over the real Cabinet.


Created with images by Phil Roeder - "Andrew Jackson" • Paul J Everett - "Native American Museum Indianapolis" • digitalmoneyworld - "Gold-and-Silver-Bars" • AmberAvalona - "ant hill cracked earth ground"

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