Rising to the Challenge No. 2 - 09.14.2020

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Dr. Broadhead

Just a Note...

Rising to the Challenge

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the necessary part that you are playing in your child’s education. Large or small it matters. I appreciate your patience, your trust, your concerns, your questions, your well wishes, your support and your frustration. Your needs and desires are indicative to the complexity of educating children. There is justification for everything that is expected. We will continue to make adjustments to ensure that we are providing the best structure to support our children.

Thus far we have had great conversations internally to discuss what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we should move forward. What I enjoy most about these conversations is that there is a tone of reflection and a willingness to recognize where each of us need growth despite our many years of experience. To be open to learn and grow no matter the age or level of experience is a true testament to the commitment that I am seeing in our staff. As a school community it is imperative that we do not let the challenges that surround us to consume us. It is too easy to be distracted from the opportunities that exist within the problems we face.

As parents, teachers, mentors, aunts, uncles, grandparents and caregivers we need what is best within us to stay at the forefront of our character. Now more than ever. Our children are dependent on our ability to show rather than tell. Each of us must be the model of the values we want our children to emulate outside of our presence. We must remind them of the lessons that can be learned within the pages of books and the ones omitted from them. We all have a role to play in what our children will become. I appreciate you for accepting the challenge long before they entered the doors of Bennett’s Mill.

Stakeholder’s Meeting

To expound further on our plans for our students please join me on September 29th at 6 PM for a virtual Stakeholders Meeting. Additional information containing the link will be forthcoming.

Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Counselor's Corner

Small Groups

Rainbows is a program dedicated to support students as they navigate grief and healing from loss including death, divorce, deployment or other trauma. Groups will be held virtually on Wednesdays so that both virtual and hybrid students may participate. Please contact your child's counselor if you would like more information.

Classroom Guidance

Lessons on college and career development will be taught to students in September and October. Students will be completing interest inventories and/or aptitude tests which will be used to match them with possible career options. Naviance and YouScience are the platforms used to complete the assessments and build an on-line career portfolio.

Career Fair

Our 8th grade virtual Career Fair will be on Wednesday, November 18th. Please contact Wendy Ricker at ricker.wendy@mail.fcboe.org if you would like to participate or if you know of someone that may be able to participate. Presenters can sign up for 30-minute sessions based on their availability.

Suicide Awareness Month

September is suicide awareness month. The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides insights on warning signs and resources to shed light on this important topic.

Please click this Counselor Contact Information LINK for additional information, our contact information, and helpful resources. You can also see additional resources on the county website (County Additional Resources HERE) that specifically address COVID as well as crisis situations.

Aimee Gumerson

STAR and Reading Inventory

Students will soon take STAR and Reading Inventory screeners whether they are attending classes virtually or in brick and mortar setting. These assessments are typically administered 3 times per year (beginning of year, midyear, and end of year). Because of school closings last spring and the cancellation of Milestones assessments, these assessments will be particularly important in determining any supports or enrichment opportunities your student may need. Please encourage your student to take their time on these assessments which will be administered sometime during the weeks of 9/14 and 9/21.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are no longer being processed for this nine weeks. Due to the limited number of times that students attend each class this nine weeks, all requests submitted will not be considered until the 2nd quarter begins in October. We appreciate your understanding.

Rica Smith
Picture Day 2020

Picture day is coming! All Bennett's Mill Middle School students will have the opportunity to participate in Fall Picture Day(s). These portraits will be included in the yearbook, so participation is encouraged. Please see details for each student group below:

VIRTUAL STUDENTS: Masks are required to be worn the entire time until the photographer istructs for it to be removed for the picture. School dress code is required for pictures. Please pull into the bus loop and follow the cones. Students should be dropped off at the first gym door. Parents should remain in the car and pull down to the last gym door to wait on their student. Students will be directed to a camera in the gym. Once their picture is taken, students should quickly return to their vehicle through the last gym door. There will be signs for parents and students to assist with directions.

GROUP A and GROUP B STUDENTS: Pictures will be taken during connections and school dress code is required.

Please email any questions to Mrs. Holcomb: holcomb.laura@mail.fcboe.org

Social Distancing-Face Masks-Attendance

In an effort to keep crowds to a minimum and maintain social distancing it is recommended that only parents/adult family members of the athletes participating attend sporting events. Students will only be allowed to attend games under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian at all times during the event.

Masks/face coverings will be required for all indoor FCBOE athletic events. Mask/face coverings will be strongly recommended for outdoor FCBOE athletic events. Thank you for your cooperation in the interest of safety.

e3 Excellence Awards

Parents, BMMS administration would like to give you an opportunity to recognize faculty and staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty. If you’d like to recognize a member of or staff send an email to smith.rica@mail.fcboe.org with the name and a few sentences explaining how they may have helped you or your student.

School Nurse Note
Parent Liaison

Visit our Parent & Family Resource Site for more information about upcoming events, available resources, and engagement opportunities!

National Grandparent's Day

Like Mother’s day and Father’s day we also have a whole day dedicated to our grandparents. We celebrate National Grandparents Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Grandparents and children have a special connection that is proven to both make grandparents live longer, and also make children more emotionally resilient. Grandparents Day is an opportunity to treasure that connection and spend some quality family time together. To view and/or add a picture of your child and his/her grandparent, click on the following button.

For more information on upcoming events, like us on Facebook @BMMSParent!


We are excited to kickoff our first PTO Meeting for the 2020-21 school year. Membership dues are only $20/family. Checks are accepted. We have several chair positions available for different committees and need parents’ help in filling them! Also, we will have a guest speaker from the BOE, Leonard Pressburg, with us so please come and ask all of your questions.

Lastly, our spirit wear store is launching this week and is accessible through the BMMS website. We look forward to working with you this year. Please wear your mask and we will socially distance to stay safe.

For more information on upcoming events, like us on Facebook@BMMSParent!


Chromebook Issues

Reminders: Students need to keep chromebook in case. Report lost/stolen at bit.ly/sledteam.

Parents, don't forget that insurance for the chromebooks is available for purchase. Don't for get to view the BMMS Website - Technology for helpful information.

Parent Tech Help (Zoom Link Below)
Virtual School Tips

Chromebook Insurance: Cost has decreased. Remember you need to purchase each year.

Technology resources

Thank you for your time and attention.


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