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Fabian the Fisherman- The sun was hot as he kneeled taking shelter in the the shade of his boat, but shelter was not his only purpose when his capable hands dipped into a bucket of thick black sludge and pasted it on the underside of his boat. He was protecting it, fortifying it and himself, with each stroke of his brush he was getting ready for the fishing journey ahead.

Muscles aching as he puts all his strength into squeezing the milky goodness from the dried meat of the coconut. Manual labour was a must as the electricity was taken but the work still had to go on, machines were useless, man became the machine.
While the crops flourish so should our minds, our souls and hearts. #corpuschristi as the scent of incense filled the streets from the swinging thurible, so did the thin voices of the pious as they sang hymns in their march of righteousness
When you think the world is dark just look up and see the lights. After a cool drive up to the tracking station in Chaguramas, I was greeted with more tents than ground, i wasn't the only one who didn't mind being cut off from the hustle and bustle for a few hours, the gazers were out and so were the cast for the bright show
There are more galaxies than there are grains of sand on every beach on earth #starparty2017 we are but a speck

When you go to that place where you've never believed you would go, don't believe you could ever go again. When you try to capture and retain every thing and force your brain to remember, the smells, the sounds the details and count the steps you take. When you have a camera, a very impractical lens and you try to document every detail about a trip that you take photos of everything to some how harness and capsulate every little crumb because you know your memory is shit. A million close photos couldn't compare to being there, no matter how hard i tried but there are a few that i wouldn't mind sharing to help you experience at least a ghost of what i felt when i was there. This is Paris in all its 50mm glory.

Taking a breather from paying the bills, i saw this little boy berating this dog from his perch on the trunk of the fallen palm tree, he held his basket of sweets high as he scolded the dog. i asked "what did the dog do to you?" he said , "he's wild he keeps jumping on me!" he didn't lie, because as soon as he came down from his vantage point the dog immediately jumped and licked his face, with its tail wagging at a speed that disturbed quite a bit of the sand around him. This little interlude broke up the monotony and brought a smile to my face, a pleasant distraction from the bill paying



Ciao, who would have thought that a place full of dilapidated buildings, fallen rocks and rubble could stir such emotion of strength, pride and wonder. Rome a place that visually once was, but has a overwhelming denotation of what is.

Santa Maria Maggiore Rome, Italy
Went to the Colosseum as tourists do while in Roma and saw some unusual/interesting activity taking place. Huge balloons being blown up by the dozens, and people applying makeup and milling around, so i decided to do some milling of my own. Night fell, the temperature dropped and just as I started to worry about finding my way back to my hotel at night time and my patience started to wear a little thin. It started. Patience became a word and caution be damn. it was breath taking, it was in Italian, but the message was translated. I got it. It was a light show on the walls of the Colosseum and it was called 'Legenda Aurea' / Golden legend.
Vatican city
Book vendor at the Termini station



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