Game Design and Technical Manuals A look at systems

What is the role of the Game Designer?

  • An Advocate for the player (All About Audience)
  • Solid Gameplay should be the most important!
  • Playtesters help you get out of your head!
They are your guides, and it’s your mission to have them lead you inside the game and illuminate any issues lurking below the surface of the design. If you train yourself to do this, you will regain your objectivity and be able to see both the beauty and the flaws in what you’ve created. (Fullerton, p. 4)

What does it take to be a game designer?

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Process (analyze system and keep to goals and mission)
  • Inspiration (perspective)
  • "Better Player"
  • Creativity

Playcentric Design

  • Setting Player Experience Goals
  • Prototype and Playtest
  • Iteration

Level 2 - Ideas

  • All gamers want are good games
  • You have no guarantee that your game is going to be fun
  • Start with a fun idea. Remove un-fun.
  • Be willing to throw out bad ideas
  • Ideas are . cheap; it's how you use themt hat matters
  • If you are stuck, take a break--don't procrastinate (Rogers, p. 42).

A Look at Manuals!

Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPG)

  • Master List of Books (HERE)
  • Dungeons and Dragons Rule Book (HERE) or (HERE)
  • King of the Dungeons (HERE)
  • Root (HERE)

Board Games

  • Arcadia Quest Rule Book (HERE)
  • Gloomhaven Rule Book (HERE)
  • Game of Life (HERE)
  • Monopoly (HERE)
  • The Gallerist (HERE)
  • Russian Railroad (HERE)

Card Games

  • Magic the Gathering Basic Rule Book (HERE)
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Rule Book (HERE)
  • Cards Against Humanity (HERE)
  • Apples to Apples (HERE)

Hybrid Games

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