Arctic Foxes By Ella

Here there is lots of information about the amazing arctic fox. You will find pictures and a few videos too.

pictures of hunting

Finding Food

Arctic foxes sniff for their food underneath the snow. Then after finding the exact location of its prey it pounces into the snow to kill the prey. They will also eat lemmings and sea birds. Here is a video:


Arctic foxes live in burrows, a hole in the ground dug by a small animal. They will not make a home anywhere else.


This is the colour an arctic fox would be in autumn and winter.

This is what an Arctic fox would look like in summer. Almost like the red fox we see in England.

As you can see the Arctic Fox goes through a couple of colours in a year.

Where you can find them

Arctic foxes live in many places like the arctic tundra, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway Scandinavia and Iceland.

Predators and dangers

  1. The first danger to an arctic fox is polar bears eagles and wolves.
  2. Also another danger is climate change which is shrinking the range of arctic foxes.

As there are not many dangers the arctic fox is quite safe as long as the climate does not continue to rise. So if you want these cute creatures to live make sure to save energy.

Predator 1 polar bear.

predator 2 eagle.

Predator 3 wolves.


An average arctic fox is 18-26 inches long with a 13 inch tail. It has short legs short pointy ears and a short muzzle.

Arctic foxes.

Other Facts

Scientific name: Vulpes Lagopus.

Life span in the wild: 3-6 years.

Group name: Skulk leash.

The average arctic fox is 6.5-17 pounds in weight.


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