A Glimpse of the Harn Museum Created by: Annie Lohr

Medium of Art / Technique of the Artist

This picture of Frida Kahlo was the first image I noticed upon entering the gallery at the Harn Museum and immediately after first glance, I was drawn in. Her work is beautifully detailed and portrays Frida and all her glory. Ive had a special interest in Frida's self portraits since i attended an art festival in Miami when i was 14, so It is to no surprise that i initially gravitated towards this piece. Seeing this piece in person helped me to visualize the immense details and attributes that Frida incapsulates, her soft smile is friendly but she still has a strong persona. This medium resembles that of a sticker and is stuck to the wall with its adhesive side. This aspect of the portrait allows us as viewers to look at it in a different way than we would if it were paint. Because it is not paint, the details are little bit more fuzzy however, this doesn't take away from the very obvious detail that this portrait obtains. I think this medium This photo communicated to me Frida's independence and the composure she emanates. I enjoy how the portrait isn't restricted by a frame and is big, it allowed me to feel the strength that Frida feels.

Frida Kahlo

Design of the Musuem

An Open Space

This was most definitely my favorite wing of the Harn. I really enjoyed how open the space felt, with the natural lighting striking all of the art work, it really felt more sacred and special. I've always had a preference for natural lighting over artificial lighting, this could be part of the reason why i felt a connection to this wing of the museum the most. The open space allowed me to build a better connection with the art pieces. In addition, the arrangement of the art was spaced out and not cluttered, which was nice. The windows that face I liked how it was spread out because I wasn't in a rush to go to every piece. Overall, this wing of the Harn gave me a nice, freeing feeling.

Art & Core Values

St. Jeans Bay - Leon Kroll

I enjoyed this painting titled "St. Jeans Bay" created by Leon Kroll, I felt like this painting applied to one of the values I carry with me which is the importance of self reflection and allowing yourself to take time to appreciate what's in front of you. The painting reflects a man fishing by the water, two women interacting in the middle, and then a women alone off to the right. All of these people are enjoying their free time in nature in their own way. This picture reminds me that it is okay to do your own thing and be in your own space, especially when you have time to yourself. I've always taken the time to do something that made me happy or went out of my way to find time to myself. This picture affirms these ideas and enhances how they can taken up to anyones interpretation.

Art & the Good Life

I feel as though this picture portrays the good life because it portrays people laying nude on the beach. All of these people look as if they are lounging, enjoying their free time on the beach, not really worried about anything. I think the theme of this photo symbolizes freedom. Freedom is seen is everyone's ability to casually lye naked next to each other and just relax on the beach together. This is a rare sight, nude beaches aren't all that common today, especially in America. Being able to be comfortable in your own skin enough to be nude on the beach while surrounded by dozens of people has to evoke a liberating feeling. I feel as though this picture resembles the good life because of its simplicity.

Created By
Annie Lohr


- all taken by me on my phone

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