Samsung A Future Beyond Limatation's The beginning and the End, Start with samsung

On the right we have daughter and eldest of Lee, founder of samsung lee byung chul on the top right, and below acting CEO and son of lee, Bk yoon.

This picture shows the first and highly used samsung's (S) phone of 2009, with over 42 million in sales, this phone was revolutionary and got samsung a place in the phone industry plowing over apple inc.

This is the all new galaxy s8, bask in her beauty and sleekness, with a nearly full amulet display around all corners this phone defines samsung and there technology.

It may not be the luxurious S8 your currently holding but at the time people loved this phone, for the reliable 7 mega pixel camara 1ghz processor and a 500mb storage space, in this time people didn't use phones for games and social networking and videos, this made the phone revolutionary for its ability to take pictures and call and text using an LED screen.

samsung in the 2012 sold more phones than any other phone company during the time, 42 million units to be exact.

Here behind these words lay's the galaxy note 5, its one of several in the profound Note series and its one of america's best flagship hybrid phones on the market. Recent events in the Note 7 explosions have been fixed and the hybrid is slowly coming out on top.

Android claimed around 70 percent of the worldwide smartphone market in 2012 and IDC research suggests that Samsung was responsible for 42 percent of all Android smartphone shipments during the year. Samsung is the most popular Android phone maker, by far.

This success is entirely built on Samsung’s Galaxy brand which has encompassed over 50 separate devices, if you count all the smartphone variants, phablets, and tablets released so far. Samsung has bombarded every niche, every price point, every form factor, every carrier, and every country it can possibly reach.

When the Samsung i7500, also known as the Samsung Galaxy, was released in June 2009, it marked Samsung’s entry into the Android smartphone market.

This sparked the innovation of samsung's most respected phone brand the S series formally known as the galaxy s series. This marked a brand new beginning for the best selling phone on planet earth. Samsung redefined the phone industry.

The Galaxy S3 boasted a 1.4GHz quad-core processor (1.5 GHz dual-core in some markets), 1GB or 2GB of RAM, a 4.8-inch display with a 720p resolution, and an 8-megapixel camera. It proved to be the fastest-selling Android smartphone to date and Samsung has sold over 40 million S3 handsets in 145 countries so far, meaning it’s selling at roughly double the rate of its predecessor.

Later on saomsung got into the tablet and mid range product distribution, the samsung tablets seem'd to do well in the market having a mild selling rate. This inspired samsung to create the wildly best selling tablet/phone hybrid, they created the Note series most requested by buyers, this phone sells better than the S series in a long shot.

About Lee Byung chul.

Lee Byung-chul was the founder of the Samsung Group and one of South Korea's most successful businessmen. With the breakup of the Hyundai chaebol, Samsung is now South Korea's largest business group. Wikipedia

Born: February 12, 1910, Uiryeong County, South Korea

Died: November 19, 1987, Seoul, South Korea

Education: Waseda University

Children: Lee Kun-hee, Lee Maeng-hee, Lee Myung-Hee, More

Grandchildren: Lee Jae-yong, Lee Boo-Jin, Lee Jay Hyun, More

Parents: Lee Chan-woo, Kwon Jae-rim


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