My Dream vacation by mikayla

reasons why

why destin florida you ask ? i chose destin florida because of the natural beauty it gives off and joy . the white becahes the emerald waters the places to do but the main issue is the money. its a very expansive place and far .

history and culture

the history and culture in destin is quite fascinating actually . Fishing was the binding thread in this tiny community and families stuck together through tough times. The World's Luckiest Fishing Village" it was called . because the main oceans were mainly used for fishing and still had beautiful beaches and waters.

BEST TIME -what is the best climate to travel to Destin ? - Destin had different types of climates that you could go on. but for me i would go on spring vacation the climate is nice the temperatures is threw the mid 70's - 80's this willbe good because the beaches and waters would be just right torelax and enjoy it
FAMOUS PLACE -famous places to go in Florida ?- 1st ya'll know whats in Florida FISH. kidding . there are many things in destin to go . you can go on a trip with the dolphins get your tickets . or if you really want to see the island go above and beyond in a helicopter tour for just 50 $ maybe you just want to enjoy a nice cruise and relax just an hour and 30 mins long to experience the new things.
WHERE IM STAYING- ,after a day of fun and joy I would want to relax at comfort inn hotel at 137 miracle strip parkway ft Walton. for just 129$ a night, just to spend at a 3 star hotel" its close to the beach, family and friends can just go straight home . rooms are nice and clean and staff are very helpful ", these are many recieved reviews. they do have many good reviews i will we staying there for 5 days for a total of 634$ . but it will be worth it ill be able to expect help and be able to enjoy my stay when i go there
FOODS- Florida cuisines are fruits vegetables and mostly sea food . some good rating restaurants in Destin are 4 star restaurant, some examples are the Dewey Destin Seafood restaurant 4star ' sells the best fried seafood and i would get to see the sunset and while you eat is joyful", the Louisiana lagniappe 4.5 star " the most popular food ,and the surf and seafood is a 4 star rating. there are other places but most people prefer seafood its in their hometown .
TRANSPORTATION- public transportation in destin Florida is the E.C. rider. the E.C. rider is a type of bus that would take you to your destination quick and easy . E.C stands for (east coast rider ) you can go t places and on a specific time the E.C rider will come and you can get on it and it causes less traffic for you and others. just to go shopping , visiting,or just exploring the E.C rider is what you want
FLIGHT- but before i can do anything there i have to be able to get there first so for my flights to go to destin from Dallas TX from American Airlines . i will get a rebound trip so i would have to pay for 2 different flights my total for a rebound would be around 845$ so i can come back from destin Florida .
THINGS TO DO- things i would do in destin would be to check out all of their famous attractions and stores . to explore and enjoy doing what people like doing in their home town . maybe go see if they have any meusiums to see about the culture and history. i would go to the beach to relax and enjoy the fresh air and emerald water. and try out new foods and places.
COST OF WHOLE VACATION - gas ?, food?, trips?, and just places they all add up and cost a whole lot of your money .for my vacation for food i would bring about $1,000 just to eat for my flight about $845 for a rebound , for places and other things(SHOPPING!)i would bring about $3,000 i mean cause girl love to shop but anyway, i would want to go home so for a hotel just about $634 for me to rest. my total for my vacation would be .....$5,479 but round it to $6,000 !
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