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Being a good citizen means that rights are given to people and can't be taken away because of self ownership. Another way to be a good citizen means owning the responsibility of keeping your house and surroundings clean and not dirty for the community. Freedom of speech means you’re free to talk about any topic you want to talk about, this is something that's given to citizens.

Government is a group of people who protect the rights of the citizens in society. It’s necessary because without it no one would be following the laws.

The constitution was created to make laws for citizens to follow the right of personal space, freedom, and other liberties. We have the constitution so people would be safe in the society. Rule of law is necessary in order to have a government, so that everyone including a leader follows the laws. Otherwise people would take it upon themselves to do whatever they want to and would create an anarchy within society. This would be an unproductive form of government. In short I feel that without a government the citizens would be in chaos.

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. common markets and trade blocs unite Nations economically. common markets bring people together by allowing goods and workers to travel freely.Trade blocs allows nations to come together and make money if they were by themselves.being part of the supranational level of government also brings people together. being apart of the eu countries are able to come together to work on shared goals like the environment. based on these reasons supranational cooperation has many centripetal forces that bring people together in Europe.

There are many different ways people adapt to living in a desert region. One way people adapt to the desert region is men wear Tuaregs in the desert region. Men wear Tuaregs to protect themselves from sand that blows in there faces from ergs and regs. Also they grow cash crops. People adapt to living in the desert region by changing there clothes and the way they farm.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a natural resource can affect a region in positive ways. Oil reserves have made many people rich. This money has allowed people to have better health care leading to higher life expectancy. Job opportunities in oil will open up to people. These job openings will attract people to move to the region so they can make money. Oil reserves have made people more wealthy and able to lead better lives.

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