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Inquiry quetions of WA colony

  1. Who started the swan river British colony?
  2. How many people were the first set of people that stepped foot on the swan river?
  3. How many people were there on the first day going to the swan river colony?
  4. What we're the first ships names that were in WA?

Inquiry questions of NSW colony

  1. Who started the rebellion of the Eureka stockade?
  2. How old was Clive evatt when he died?
  3. How much gold did they find on the first day of when they started panning for gold?
  4. What job was Clive evatt doing before he was an Australian politician?
  5. How many people went to jail between 1851 and 1860?
  6. How many gold was found in one year when the Bathurst gold rush first opened?
  7. How many people were fighting in the eureka stockade?
  8. How many people died in the Victoria colony a year?
  9. When did the Victoria colony start and end?

The Victoria colony



In the year 1851 port Phillip District separated from New South Wales and renamed itself as the colony of Victoria. As a result of this a legislative council was formed to govern the new colony of Victoria. The first legislative council consisted of 30 men ,10 appointed directly by the newly appointed lieutenant governor of the colony of Victoria.

The Victoria colony is the name of the body that governed Victoria from 1851.until federation in 1901 when it became the state government of Victoria.Before 1851 the colony of Victoria was a district of New South Wales also known as the port Phillip district.

  1. Between 1851 and 1860 an estimated 300,000 people came to Australia colonies from from England and the wales

The swan river colony

When the swan river colony was proclaimed before small gathering of newly arrived settlers and officials on 18 June.1829,it was the beginning of a first brave attempt to establish a settlement in Australia without the financial backing of the British government and without convict labour, it was to be a faltering start, for the land nor, benign as the settlers had been led to believe.within three years some of 30 Australian.

  1. The swan river colony was a British colony.
  2. 1829 the swan river in Western Australia the name was a pars toto for Western Australia.
  3. However the name swan river colony remains in formal use for many years after words.

Some secondary photos from the swan river colony.

The gold rush

The Bathurst gold rush was the first gold rush in Australia

Today you can still go panning for gold and hopefully you'll find some

Panning for gold

Back in the olden days when there panning for gold and trying to find gold

Most people go to Bathurst for car races but I would go there for the Bathurst first gold rush

This is a piece of gold that was found in Bathurst.

Now there probably won't be as much gold there like there was before.There would probably be fake gold there.There fake gold would be like medle balls that are spray painted or paint.They probably do that for little kids that go there so they can actually find gold there even though it would be fake but still fun.

The eureka stockade

The rebellion that was mostly refferd to as the eureka stockade is a key event in the development of Australia democracy and Australia identity with some people arguing that Australia democracy was born at eureka stockade (Clive Evatt)

Clive evAtt

Was a Australian politician

Between 1851 and 1860 an estimated 300,000 people came to Australia colonies from from England and the wales.

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