Election The Game

How To Play!

  • Upon the completion of set-up, the game begins.
  • At the beginning of the game, both presidential parties are given a $200 advance of money.
  • Both candidates roll a dice to determine who goes first
  • At the beginning of their turn each party’s full turn is subjective to their purchase, that can be made off of the buyers sheet.
  • Following their purchase, they proceed to complete the (series) of move(s) until their turn is complete
  • IF:
  • The player purchases a move of any amount of spaces, they can make a speech(roll the dice in the territories they are in) to conquer the territory
  • A territory is conquered if the player rolls a number greater to or equal to the number on the dice when the player entered the territory. I.e. If a player purchases to move 2 spaces, they may make a speech(roll the dice) in both of those spaces. *Players can choose to forgo continuing to move around the board in their turn should they wish to stay in a territory and attempt to conquer it again, having failed previous attempts.
  • I.e. The player has purchased 3 moves, in his/her first move, he/she rolls a and chooses to forgo his/her next move(or two) to continue to roll in that territory.
  • The player purchases event cards, depending on the card, they may choose to play them as an advantage or an attack on the other party. Players may choose to use the event cards at any point in the game. A MAXIMUM of TWO event cards can be played in ONE turn.
  • The player chooses to purchase a car or jet, they can move the full amount or partial amount of allowed spaces if they so choose. They can only make speeches in the final destination of the move.
  • When players make a speech (roll the dice on a territory) they see a financial return of 100X the number of pips they land on, even if they don’t win the territory.
  • I.e. If the Democratic party rolls a , they get $300. If in their next speech they roll a, they get $500. Etc.
  • If a player conquers a territory, they place the meeple of their party’s color on the territory conquered.
  • There are 10 rounds of the game, meaning the players will move around the board, completely, 10 times.
  • After the completion of the 5th round, each party’s bank account (the money they have at the time) doubles.
  • Upon the completion of the final round, the remaining event cards may be used, for last-minute advantages or attacks!
  • Upon completion of the game, the party with the most meeples on territories wins

The Game

Cut along the dotted lines and place face down!


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