Transformations By Ethan Reilly & Airik Kaler


A movement where you make a shape a certain amount larger in length and width than the original shape.

In this picture we have the Xbox one s sitting on top of the original Xbox one. According to Microsoft them self, the one s is 40% smaller than the original.
in this screenshot that i took last night while playing Minecraft: Pocket edition, i found out that the baby pig is way smaller than the adult pig and this is a demonstration of a dilation.


symmetry is when both sides of an area are exactly the same.

as you can see, both sides of the android are exactly the same.


A slide is when you move a shape a certain distance from its original position.

If we where to add coordinates to the picture the shape would slide from point (-1,3) to point (6,3)


A reflection is where a shape or object appears on the other side of a certain line. if you do a reflection with a shape, you would reflect the shape on the Y axis.

This picture shows a cat looking at its reflection on the floor.


A rotation is when a shape turns a certain amount of degrees, like 90, 180, 360, etc.

When the car moves the wheel will continuously rotate 360 degrees.

Thanks for watching this presentation!


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