When can we live on the moon, and why?

The beginning

Have you ever dreamed about roaming the moon, living there? Did you ever chase after that idea, or did you just say ‘I can’t go, it’s unsuitable.’

Well, now due to our rising technology, we can build moon bases there to help us survive up on

the moon.

What we need

To survive on the moon, we need lots of water. To solve this, we need to find where to get water on the moon. For this, we need some help from our helpful friends, robots. Robots can search at the moon for years because they don’t need food or water, just batteries. That’s why we have lots of robots up there right now.

Things we could do

This is just some of the things people could do on the moon. Also with someone on the moon, building vehicles on the moon are easier and less expensive due to low gravity.

Furthermore, sending people to live on the moon is better than mars because the earth is 200 miles away. Although mars are more suitable for living on than the moon, a trip from mars to earth takes 1 month. Due to this getting materials up to the moon will be hard because it will take a long time. That is why we must be prepared to wait a little longer. With lots of materials on the moon, we could start building more structures to help us stay there with suitable living conditions.

Did you know?

  • That the moon is not a planet, but a satellite of the Earth?


Although it may be hard to adapt to living on the moon, it has lots of benefits. For one, asteroids on the moon can be used as minerals. Also, the moon is a perfect place for manufacturing: building,creating. On top of that, the moon has 38 million square kilometers so we’ve only scratched the surface. Literally. This could be very important, because while people are living there, they can explore the moon, even more, every day, which will give us more intel about the moon.

Why do we need to go?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘What’s the point of sending someone to live on the moon?’

It’s because we could get a lot of things done up there, such as:

-Having disaster warnings

-Having detailed world mapping

-Weather prediction

Having homes on the moon could be very useful when a disaster could have struck the earth. The moon could also be a good source of minerals. Other than that, we are curious about what lies on the moon, and so what’s not better than living there and exploring at the same time?

But some people don’t care about the moon that much, such as astrobiologist Mckay, "My interest is not the moon. To me the moon is as dull as a ball of concrete," the moon could be used for something else, as McKay explains "But we're not going to have a research base on Mars until we can learn how to do it on the Moon first. The moon provides a blueprint to Mars."

Our Helpful Friends: Robots

Robots are the perfect job for exploring the moon, then we would be able to find out what we really need to live there, they don’t require water or food, just batteries and now thanks to our technology, some batteries can last for 1 year. When robots go around the moon snapping pictures, we learn more intel about the moon. If we found where water is supplied there, we would be able to move in. So far NASA has launched so many robots on the moon, and thanks to them we have lots of information on the moon.

A final conclusion

As you can see, being on the moon is very efficient, it only benefits us. Except for one thing, it’s expensive, but now the price is lowering due to no use. Scientist McKay states "The cost is getting so low, maybe we don't even need to think of NASA doing it," So thanks to this, NASA doesn’t have to do it, a private company could build a moonbase up there. By putting moon bases on the moon, we can give ourselves shelter there for at least 2 years. Due to our rising technology, we will have the chance to go there in our lifetime, probably in 15 years give or take. Do you think that we will eventually colonize the moon? Or do you think we are just using it to colonize Mars? Think about it, you might help out in this mission.






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