Chs. 23-25 A Fathers Promise

Joseph's Return

Joseph's return made everyone mad. It made them mad because Joseph might tell on Anna The she has a polish boy staying with her. Another thing is that Joseph didn't like Jews and Rudi was a Jew but Joseph didn't know. Then Sasha jumped on Joseph because he was mad at Rudi.

A Hard Decision

Rudi woke up and woke up Anna to talk to her. They first had to get some tea and then they had to talk about if Rudi was going to take Ingrid with him or not. Rudi decided not to. He had to do something, but then he left. First he went to talk to Joseph so he doesn't come to Anna's house.

The Passing of Night

Rudi woke up and he heard a farmer say "the Huns are on the run". The farmer said the war was over Rudi then heard some soldiers. He heard a familiar voice, he noticed it was Oscar. He ran to him, Oscar said that he was growing a lot Oscar. Rudi asked if the war was over and Oscar said the war was over.

The End


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