Bee Recognized Awards January 2019

This month we recognize six outstanding individuals who contribute to the excellence of their schools and departments in PESD. Thanks to colleagues who nominated them as we recognize and share their success this evening.

JODY DALY - 5th Grade Teacher at Desert Horizon Elementary

Jodi was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for January because she is dedicated to the district, the staff at Desert Horizon, the students, as well as their families and the community. She makes herself available to all the teachers if they need help with anything, especially Synergy and grades, as well as much more. She is a positive role model and always has a kind word for everyone. She is a great listener and is a devoted to her students who say she is really fun. Jodi is always willing to take on any projects including photography during the Luke Days Air show to help her students have new experiences. Jodi was selected as a Silver Apple Award winner in the past and she is described as generous, caring and thoughtful. Congratulations, Jodi. You are a true asset to Desert Horizon and Pendergast District.

ROSIE LUNA - SIS Data Control Coordinator, Educational Services

Rosie was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for January because she is an incredible asset to the Ed Services Data Team. Known as the resident gradebook guru and the Synergy administrator for 6 of the schools, she excels in all she does. In this position, Rosie is required to wear many hats and she does it with grace and helpfulness. She is always available to help the front office or teaching staff whenever needed. She is willing to come in early, work through lunch or stay late as needed to get the job done. Rosie is always there for schools and no one hesitates to say, “Call Rosie” and she will fix it. Her attendance is amazing and she is always part of the attendance drawing at the end of the year. She has created reports to get the exact dates that her schools need and never hesitates to find the answers needed so her schools can be productive and exact. Her attention to detail has improved PESD’s yearly audits. The three words used to describe her are integrity, commitment and helpful. Congratulations, Rosie and thank you for all you do for PESD and your team.

MATT WILLIAMS - Principal at Desert Mirage Elementary

Matt was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for January because of his dedication and leadership as a principal. He exemplifies everything a person would want in a principal; caring, passionate, positive, innovative, understanding…and the list goes on. He has created an amazing positive culture at the school and works tirelessly to communicate and show his best all the time. His staff is sure he works 24/7 and he is supportive of all school and district events. He treats every employee like they are the one person that makes Desert Mirage great and appreciates everything his staff does. Matt makes everyone feel like they work at the best school on the planet and is an “out of the box” thinker and incredible motivator. He sees each person’s strengths and pushes them even further to achieve their best. He practices inclusive leadership of the school as he includes others in decision making and empowers others to have a positive impact. He sets high expectations and becomes a cheerleader to reach those goals. The positive culture he has created will have long-term results. Thanks, Matt, for all you do for Desert Mirage and PESD. You are appreciated.

SAM ALMALAK, Chef at Chartwells and Charlie's Cafe

Sam was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for January because of his positive, happy and giving spirit. He wants each person to feel special and have an amazing experience at Charlie’s Café. He is happy and service oriented and takes pride in everything he does. Sam treats everyone as if they are his guests in his house and shows a genuine love of his job and caring towards everyone he comes in contact with. His happy and friendly personality helps others to see the positive in their day and they want to come back to Charlie’s just to interact with him because his shining personality is contagious. He exemplifies the best in customer service and is a wonderful representative of Charlie’s as he makes everyone happy to be around him. He is a great team member and helps Charlie’s to run smoothly as everyone works well together. When staff members experience Sam, they want to spend even more time supporting Charlie’s. People describe him as happy, friendly and positive. We are so fortunate to have Sam in PESD and appreciate all he does. Congratulations, Sam!

CINDY WISTE, Assistant Director of STEAM

Cindy was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for January for being a fantastic innovator and support to the S.T.E.A.M. Academies and programs in PESD. Her foresight and helpfulness have helped the teachers and students succeed. She has a positive attitude and always willing to do what is needed and necessary. Cindy represents PESD well in every venture, especially in helping to plan the parent lunches, and community breakfasts to showcase our programs. Cindy always makes time for what is important and has elevated the profession and programs with her vitality and thinking skills. She has been an inspiration to many people by her can-do attitude and planning skills. People seek her counsel and she is always the learner. She is humble and sincere and possesses a foundation of knowledge for our STEAM programs. Principals and teachers alike truly appreciate the professional development and in depth understanding and curriculum planning she assists with to make the STEAM program the best. Students are excelling thanks to Cindy’s leadership. Knowledgeable, caring, and engaging are the words others use to describe Cindy. PESD is so fortunate to have Cindy on our team and we congratulate her on this recognition.

JUANITA RAMOS - Secretary at Sonoran Sky Elementary

Juanita was selected as a Bee Recognized Award winner for the January because she goes out of her way to be helpful and make sure all staff members have what they need. Juanita understands how important outstanding customer service is to her school and PESD and is always willing to step in and not only help out, but be sure everything runs smoothly and people feel welcome at Sonoran Sky School. She gets things done quickly and correctly and serves as a role model to others with her positive attitude that sets the tone for the front office and the school. Juanita is described as kind, knowledgeable and helpful and we are fortunate to have her as part of the Sonoran Sky team and the Pendergast District. Thank you, Juanita, for all you do.


Raymond Pohlmeyer

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