Adobe Digital Storytelling in the Classroom Learning Journal

Week 1

I have never used Adobe Spark before, and I am glad to get an introduction to the tool. It seems a nice tool for graphic design 101 and getting your feet wet on blogging and creating assets for social media and 21st century communications.

I am curious of how the Post function compares to LucidPress and LucidChart. Off on top of my head, it seems that the latter two are better for collaboration.

But I love learning about the free image tools in the live session.

I am a little disappointed that we didn't spend time in the live session to discuss the theory and literature on digital storytelling, but to focus solely on product demonstration. Adobe Spark is really easy to use already!

Week 2

I am surprised to get another product demo in the live session. It seems a bit repetitive. It would have been great if the time was used for looking at samples of assignment prompts and submissions.

I keep expecting more content on the pedagogical argument behind digital storytelling. The reading material is nice, but I wanted more depth. It'd be nice if there's a heftier section of further readings for those of us who are interested.

As I work on the assignments (my own assignment 1 and assignment 2), I find myself enjoying Adobe Spark more and more. The tool, and the free image and sound resources makes creating beautiful looking resources really easy.

Final Reflection and Next Steps

The next step for me is to look up scholarship on digital storytelling--studies on how it affect student learning--and come up with a way to convince the faculty I work with to give this a try.

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