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Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

To know more about 'IT'. To learn more about Mac. My interest is playing piano and SLEEPING!!!!!! I see myself as a millionaire with my own company and family.

Exercise 1: Stop motion animation

The Lovey Dovey Pigs

Two (P)ig met each other and fall in (L)ove at their first sight, after that they planned to go for a short gate away by taking (A)eroplan. Unfortunately, the plan crash and drop into the (Y)ellow HuangHe. In the end, they both become angels and stay sweet forever.

Exercise 2: viral content

Exercise 3: Infographics

Exercise 4: Mobile app

App Name: EasyFood

The main purpose of this app: The purpose of this app is to allow everyone to order food without going out. As parents will leave their children at home alone while they are working, they will always worry about what their children are going to eat because they are not with them and they have no transport to buy food. EasyFood can solve this problem as it will deliver food safely to your house. EasyFood is very convenient and save time.

The specialty of this app: The difference between EasyFood and other food delivery apps is that EasyFood can track exactly where your food is. It will show you the exact location of your food so users can freely do their stuff if their food is still at a distance. EasyFood can also tell you their estimated time of delivery. Users can also chat with their friends by using EasyFood.

(Splash screen) Touch on the screen to begin using EasyFood.
(Side bar) You will need to log in as an EasyFood member to begin. It will require you to type your location and payment detail so you do not need to repeat typing so many times if you are at the same location.
The homepage of EasyFood that enables users to swipe up and down for more features.
Homepage 2
'About us' allows users to understand about EasyFood.
A contact info to contact EasyFood for further information.
FAQ stands for Favourite Asked Questions so users can read through the questions that is frequently asked by users.
The terms and conditions about EasyFood
So the first step is to pick your food. After you click 'Pick your food', it will bring you to this page. It is divided into three category that is morning, afternoon and night folder. So you can choose your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
If you choose morning, it will then give you a list of restaurants with breakfast. Thus, you can choose the restaurants that you like.
It will be the same for afternoon and it will also state the ranking of the restaurants. This will allow users to know which restaurant is more popular.
For night, it will include fine dining as well.
After you pick your food, it will bring you to this page. You can check your order here to double confirm the food that you have chosen.
Track your food allows you to see where is your food and the arrival time of your food.
The round map at the top right will let you know exactly where your food is. The 'Redeem this Item' is for users to click on it after the food had arrive. This is to allow the driver to confirm the arrival of the food to the correct person.
Users can also earn points by using EasyFood. Users need to take a picture of the food and post it in any social media such as WeChat, Snapchat or Instagram and #easyfoodmy. Users can earn 1 point for each post. Users can get 2% discount after accumulating 10 points.
Lastly, users can post reviews about the food in 'Your Wall'. Users can also chat with friends here or even create a group chat to have a group discussion if users want to gather at one place to eat.

Assignment 2: Video

We would like to taste local food in Kuala Lumpur. Explore delicious food. To be more innovative with food advertising through social media. To promote local food to tourist. Idea: Food hunting.



Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

Theme: FOOD

(1) Confused - The skin color of this apple will always change from red to green. That's why he is scratching his head by using the left hand and he place his right hand on his cheek to think because he is confused with his own skin's color. The questions mark represent he is really confused because other's apple will only have one skin color but he got two.
(2) Angry - He is angry all the time as he always hit the floor by using his left legs and hit his hand hard to throw tantrum. As this doughnut is very imperfect, he has a lot of pimples which is the black dot on his face and his circle thing on the side is not all the same color. This makes him lose confident that's why he is always angry. He is angry that he was born in this way.
(3) Sad - This drumstick is sad because he was involve in a car accident since young and he lose both of his hands. The first sketch is when he is with other, the second one is when he is alone. He will only cry hard when he is alone so that his family will not be worried about him. His dream is to reborn with both hand and he will protect his hands. However, this dream will never come through.
(4) Sleepy - This fries always close his eyes and he is always in a sleeping mode. He will always yawn and use his right hand to cover his mouth. He is always sleepy because he is carrying a lot of stuff on his head. That's why he will always feel tired.
(5) Working - This pineapple is always rushing to work because he is always late. Although he will never be punctual but he is hardworking.
(6) Happy - This watermelon is a dancer. Whenever she feels happy, she'll dance. She is the only girl that's why everyone will do anything she likes just to make her happy. She is a very happy-go person. She will always give happiness to people besides her with her dance move.


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