What To Do When Stress Kicks In Get creative

Habit of Mind: Creativity

With the research paper due date approaching in a few weeks, that means that all this research is starting to wind down. It's time to really gather the best sources and find a way to write the best damn essay you've ever written cause this thing is worth 300 points. It's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the college-work and trying to get a decent amount of sleep and make sure your girlfriend knows you haven't forgotten about her when you get hit with a research essay that requires around 10 sources.

It's a book -_-

There are a few ways to not get overwhelmed and make sure you crank this thing out the right way:

  • Manage your time. It's cliche but it works.
  • Get good sources. I had a couple of bad ones but I'm going to include a little of them because they bring a different taste to the paper. I also managed to get around 5 great peer-reviewed scholarly sources.
  • Write a first draft. My assignment asks for a minimum of 1000 words and that's fine, but I know I'm doing a video and I'm gonna try to be creative with it assuming other classes don't try to screw me, and that will take my word count down. It would be smart to take this first draft seriously because the final will use a lot of the things used in this rough draft.
  • BE CREATIVE. If you put your heart and soul into writing something that you're passionate about, it'll be better than red-bull infused, 5 hour cramming session of summarizing paragraphs you've never read before.
It's gonna get fun

As mentioned earlier, I am going to make a video to accompany my paper. I put great effort into videos and anyone who has edited or tried to, knows it takes a good amount of time to even do a simple Impact Zoom Effect synced with background music. My professor knows the tedious task of editing so he is being very negotiable about extending time if need-be. No classmate is gonna read this cause I imagine they have better things to do, so I can say my plan.

Cool Shot eh?

I am brainstorming a few ideas, and I know to tell a story about schizophrenia, there needs to be some titles and words. For this I can simply get a good background clip and do some after effect Kinetic-Typology (Chris and I even talked about it!!!! It takes some of the thunder away when someone knows how you did it but he also knows the time it takes so there's the law of compensation. I don't want to write everything I could put in the video and I don't want the video to take everything away from the writing. I'm not really big into voice overs, I feel like it's a cheap way to do this kind of project, but it would make sense to narrate some information. To add creativity, I'd like to show some kind of story about being schizophrenic. I will need to keep brainstorming but it should be fun!

MAGE-Creative Piece

Creativity will lead you to where you need to be. If you have a passion, and you can create and set your mind to it, PURSUE IT. I started to get into film/editing/cinematography senior year of high school and only started Adobe software this year in college. This was one of my earlier videos and made in iMovie. It's not great editing, it's not a fantastic video, but it does what it needs to. It's nostalgic. When I'm 80 and watch this video, I'm probably going to cry for numerous reasons. I wasn't great at editing or any of that stuff yet, but I had a desire to create something to remember one of the best and easiest times of my life and to properly tell it's story. Being creative can lead you anywhere you want to go, and it will lead me past this research essay.


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