Human Impact on Grey Wolves By: zan martin

Scientific Name: Canis lupus

Some behaviors that wolves follow is that they travel and hunt in a pack. Also, there is an alpha male that is in charge of the pack's movement and when they go out and hunt. When the young are 6 to 8 months old they will begin to start to join into hunts. After the young reach the age of around 3 years old they will start to create a new separate pack or join another nearby pack.

In the early part of the 1900's grey wolves used to thrive and roam in the western mountains and deep forests of Colorado. In more recent years their numbers have gone down to become scarce.

Humans have started to hunt and kill the wolves on sight in some place if they see them, even if there is a limit on the number that can be hunted in the area. This is causing a gradual decrease in their numbers. Over enough time wolves could become an endangered species if something is not changed.

Also, the pine trees that are in their habitat are thinning as a result of the tree getting cut down for one reason or another. Also, their food supply of elk is becoming depleted due to over hunting. These are other effect that humans have on wolves' ability to survive in nature.

Pine tree and elk

To fix the problems, people should make an effort to not hunt the wolves in such large numbers. Also, the elk population could also be hunted less to increase the number that can be hunted by the wolves in the wild. A solution to the pine trees is to allow a set area of the wild to be untouched to allow the wolves to live in this area and have a set habitat to live in. If all of these happen it will increase the population of wolves and cause the impact that humans have on wolves to decrease and be more controlled.


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