" ... one nation indivisible ..." becoming divisible

Over the weekend of Jan 21-22, 2017 two demonstrations were held at the Minnesota State Capital, the Women's March on Saturday and the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Rally on Sunday. These demonstrations of deeply held convictions and strong emotions, but conflicting points of view only serve to show how divisible our society is becoming.

Marshaling near the St. Paul Cathedral prior to the march

Police estimated Saturday's Women's March had 90,000 participants

The police estimate of the Sunday MN Citizens Concerned for Life Rally was 5,000

Representative Kurt Daudt, Speaker of the Minnesota House, spoke at the MN Citizens Concerned for Life Rally

Ilhan Omar, first Somali woman elected to the MN House of Representatives, spoke to the Woman's March

Scenes from the MN Citizens Concerned for Life
the march begins
one of many groups
Scenes from the Women's March
Fear is becoming more common

American society is said to be becoming more divided then at any time since the War Between the States.

The participants in the two demonstrations showed some marked differences. Broadly generalizing, the Women's March were mostly younger urban women who came by Lite Rail and Metro transit. Varied liberal issues were expressed.

The people at the MN Citizens Concerned for Life Rally were generally older, more evenly divided between men and women and expressing a single, anti-abortion view. Many had traveled to the Capital by school bus and motor coach, some spending as much as four hours each way to participate in a one hour rally.

The following graphics starkly demonstrate how the divide between us is being reflected in our voting behavior. 


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