Digital Design/ Animation By: Isabella Juliano

How to make an animation

First thing that you should do for digital design and animation is plan. The second thing that you need to do is sketch your ideas. Third you need to design. The fourth thing that you need to do is do it digital. The fifth thing is create. The last thing that you would need to do is animate. You need to do all of these things so then you do things steep by steep. And day by day. If you do it like this then you would have all of your things for the day you want it or for the day that you need to turn it in.

You need to plan what you do first because then you know what you are doing for your project. That is important because then when you go to designing you know what you need to do to design. You need to design so then you have a little something to show your teacher. So then you have it saved on a laptop, iPad, or Phone. If you are doing animation with clay then you would create all of your things that you would need for your animation. You need to animate and recored.

If you do not do it in this order then that would hurt and you probably can not get it done in the time that you want. Another reason is if you do not do it in this order then you could and will get confused. Here are so apps that I would recommend AD Classic, Stop Motion, and here are some apps to use to draw. SketchBookX, Adobe Draw, SketchBook, and Sketches Pro. These are some apps that could be help full. This article states "The Process of animation is long and complex". That is what the article states and that is what I am trying to stay. On this article it states that animation is not easy this is the article if you would like to see more

Physical and Digital

There is a difference between physical and digital and I am going to tell you why they are different. So there are a lot of different apps for digital use. And if you were wondering what digital design means. It means the drawing or animate that you do on an iPad, iPhone, or really on any electronic device that you may have. That is what you need to know for digital design, next is physical.

For physical you need to have a lot of paper when I mean a lot I mean a lot. You want a lot of paper because if you mess up on one drawing then you have a lot of more paper to do a nether drawing. And for physical you would want to change your mind a lot. I tend to do that a bit because I get last in a drawing then I want to stick what I get last. That is what you do for physical

Physical is different then digital because for digital you use any of electronic that you have. For physical you need a paper and a pencil and if you want to pant you can use paper but I would prefer a canvas, pant brush and pant. That is how they are both different in materials. Now I am going to tell you how it is different in drawing. For physical you would have less colors to choose from. For digital you would have more colors to choose from. But you still need to stay in the same color seem. In my own opinion physical is easyer then digital because you do not half to learn all of the apps. In this article it states that physical is easyer then digital and if you would like to check out more go to this website

Digital Design

Here is a organization tool that can be easer for you to plan your animation. Theses words to help you and these are in order exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, and conflict these are the words that could help you plan your animation. I am going to tell you more about these words. They are very important for animation. And to plan it.

Exposition is who are the main characters in the story, and what is the setting. The rising action is right before the action and that is what leads up to that. Then it is the climax the climax is like the action it tells the problem that the character faces. The falling action is what happens right after the climax. The resolution of the story is what happens at the very end and the problem is salved. That are what these words mean in a better detail.

This is an example of a story, first exposition the people in a story my are Bo and Ashley. And the settings is in space and in a backyard. For my rising action it was the do went out to the backyard and got abducted by alias and was sucked up into space. For the climax I put the dog was found lost in space and came for the oner. For the falling action I have the oner gets abducted to space as well and she knows how to fly a space ship. The resolution I put she finds here dog and she flys the space ship back to home. This article says that doing animation with a diagram is way easer then doing it with out.


Plan- You need to think of what you want to do.

Sketch- You need to know what you are designing.

Physical- Ues only paper

Digital- Use only electronics

Rising action- Leds up to the problem

Conflict- The problem


Why do you need a lot of paper to do things physical?

A. You ues it alot

B. You do not really need it

C. You can ues SketchBookX

What do you need to do first for animation?

A. Sketch



What is a conflict?

A. Conclusion

B. The beginning of a story

C. A problem

Answer key

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C


  1. Sketch
  2. Plan
  3. Design
  4. Digital
  5. Create
  6. Anamate

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