Culture of Vietnam By: JAcob pacheco

Values/ Beliefs

Throughout the war, the mood of the american people change. We entered the war as a military superpower, which was intimidating for the vietnamese people. Since this is the only war the United States lost, the American people were humiliated. Moral was at an all time low. This loss hurt the American people severely, Hurting our confidence in military and our commitment in U.S. internationalism


The tactics between america and vietnam were very different:

Vietnam's tactic was guerrilla warfare ambushing U.S. patrols, setting booby traps, landmines and planting bombs in towns. They mingled in with peasants wearing ordinary clothes making it impossible for american soldiers to identify the enemy

America's tactic was a high tech war, using BB-52 Bombers, Helicopters, artillery and napalm. This caused deaths of many innocent civilians and a faliure to kill the vietcong guerrillas


The american people were very unsupportive of the war effort. Since, the aftermath of WW2 was just beginning to calm down and life was finaly normal. Then everything changed when we declared war on vietnam. Citizens hated the draft as well, calling it morally incorrect.


During this war, the tone of music changed. Before vietnam, music related to wars were mostly very patriotic and supportive, but during the vietnam war the music changed to anger. With outrage in the music, the songs were hate poems created by musicians who were against the war like John Lennon.


Propaganda was a big deal in the war. It was part of the reason the war was justified by the us government calling it the "Domino therory". Stating that if the us government didn't play a role in the war all of east china would be communist and since the ideas of the cold war was still around it was kinda a big deal.


Protests were common in the united states after the war. It was the one way the american people could show their opinion on the war. They would protest every aspect of the war but mostly the draft


The vietnam war was known as the first televised war. This played a role in how people acted in the USA. most families would sit around the dinner table and turn on the tv to see whats going on over there. It showed how all over news stations they would cover the war


During the war, America suffered a major shift in economy. This was mostly due to the shift in factories. most factories used to make consumer goods were changed due to the lack of men to only help the war effort. This caused inflation in our economy

Foreign policy

Throught the war, americans foreign policy changed. Before the war the policy was against helpping in forien affairs but during the government found a way to help. This is what spread the roumer about the domino theory

The draft

The draft could be argued to be one of the most contriversial things in this war. This is due to the fact that the public thought it was morally incorrect to do so. This also caused draft dodgers. people who found ways to get out of the draft and exploited them to be able to not get drafted.

Family Roles

In vietnam, american men would have sex with the vienamese woman. This would create the first set of amerasians in vietnam. These boys were teased and dishonored due to there features. This was because they looked like there fathers. This made it hard for them. With no father and mother the babies ended up in orphanages, the only place they could call home


Due to the struggles of the war, most american men struggled with PTSD. This disability was caused based on their experiences during the war. This would cause the men to constantly fear the worst. Some even would hear gun shots when a car only backfired. It was hard for these men to come back as well. This was because the american people didn't welcome them home. Most men were not even thanked for there service even though most of them didn't even want to fight in that war. This was because of the outrage causing the men to be disrespected.


The U.S. government viewed its involvement in the war as a way to prevent a communist takeover of South Vietnam. This was part of the domino theory of a wider containment policy, with the stated aim of stopping the spread of communism worldwide.

Race equality

The vietnam war was one of the first wars to have a equal amount of black men as white men in the war. This men't that the african american men fought along side whit men together. They fought for the same goal and with no concequences of losing.


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