Hepatitis By: Micah green

Hepatitis is viral

In the first few weeks of having Hepatitis, there are no symptoms and the disease is in the acute phase. After a couple of weeks, the symptoms of types A, B, and C are yellow eyes and skin, fatigue, nausea, and poor appetite. When Hepatitis B and C become chronic, there is usually no signs until it is too late. Hepatitis affects the liver. The disease can be lethal.

Treatment for Hepatitis: Bed rest, resisting alcohol, and taking medicine to help symptoms

Types A & E- After a few weeks, most people get better on their own

Type B- is treated with drugs

Type C- is also treated with drugs and medicine

Types B, C, & D- can cause liver failure; patient may need liver transplant

Incidence of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is more prevalent in Africa than in the US.

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Created with images by Libertas Academica - "Figure 6 from In Silico Studies of Medicinal Compounds Against Hepatitis C Capsid Protein from North India published in Bioinformatics and Biology Insights" • jthetzel - "MAC granulomatous hepatitis" • jontintinjordan - "Hep C" • GLJIVARSKO DRUSTVO NIS , SERBIA - "TRAMETES VERSICOLOR (L.:Fr.) Floyd"

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