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Today I tried talking to Lord Capulet again about marrying his daughter. He seems to let her do what ever she wants. He said that he his daughter is still very young and his not ready to wed. I told him that girls younger then her marry and became happy mothers. Then he said that girls who marry young grow up to quick. He said he would try to talk to her. I can only hope he does his magic. It's a shame shes a smoking hot babe and I'm the perfect husband for her. Soon enough when Juliet is ready she will choose me. Their is no other Capulet so well suited to be her husband. Lucky me!

There is word of a fight that has went down. It was between the Capulets and the Montiques. I better go talk to Lord Capulet to see what happened. He told me about Tybalts death and how he had no time to talk to Juliet about us marrying. Even though I don't think romance is good in times of death. Lady Capulet said she would still ask her about marriage. I got excited , but I got even more excited when Lord Capulet proceeded to say he thinks his daughter will listen to what he says. He said we will make his daughter marry me! I wanted to hold it off till Monday , but Lord Capulet wanted to have it on Thursday. I was fine with that! I just wish Thursday was tomorrow!

Today is the day I go to the Friar about our marriage. I'm so happy! I hope Juliet is just as happy as I am. I told the Friar about the wedding and he thought Thursday was to early. I told him its what Lord Capulet wants and I will do whatever he says. He said are you sure that's what Juliet wants? I really don't know I have not got a chance to talk to her. Shes grieving so much about the death of Tybalt. I said romance can't happen in mourning , but if shes married she wont have to mourn alone. That is why we must rush the marriage.

Juliet walked in! I said hello lovely lady and wife. She replied very sassy in saying that I can only say that when we are married. I asked if she was coming to make confession. She replied by saying if she did it would be to me. I'm not sure why she is so angry at me. Maybe its the death of Tybalt? I said do not deny to him that you love me. She replied by saying I will confess to you that I love him. Who is him? I said that she will confess I am sure she loves me. After all I am the perfect husband for her. She replied by saying that she will never say it to my face only behind my back. I really don't understand what I did to deserve this. She argued some more until I needed to go I kissed her goodbye. Later I got word from Lord Capulet he wants to move the wedding for tomorrow how great!

Today is finally the day! I will finally marry Juliet. I hope she isn't angry at me for whatever reason. I still have not figured out what I have done to cause her to act in such a way. I will throw that in the past, today will be a good day! I just arrived at the Capulet house I heard a lot of screaming and commotion. What could be going on? The screaming was coming from Juliet's room I decided to go see what was going on. I walked in what I saw is unseeable. Juliet was dead. I gasped in horror and shouted I waited so long to see this mourning, only to see this?! My beloved Juliet is gone forever. I will never get to marry her. I could not believe it I thought this would be the greatest day of my life. It turned out to be the worst.

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