La Lechuza the cabbage

The Lechuza is considered many things. Some people think she's a witch and others think that she sold her soul to the devil in order to get these cool witch , magical , supernatural powers. Either way you interpret it The Lechuza transforms into this big ass bird that lures you in , waits , follows and hunts you down , or snatches you.

People who claim to have seen the Lechuza say that she flies around with the body of a bird ( usually an owl or a really big black bird , a bbb ) and the face of of a beautiful wise looking woman.

The Lechuza lures her victims out into the woods. Obviously the majority of people aren't dumb enough to just wander into the woods after some really big creepy dangerous deformed bird so she would make creepy ghost sounds or mimic the cries of a baby. Anyone who went out to investigate would get snatched and eaten or she would carry them back to her house ( cuz she was just a normal lady throughout the day ) and eat them later .

When she wasn't leading people into the forest she would follow her victims home. She usually goes after bad kids and people , drunks , or people wandering alone. She'll wait outside your door making crying sounds like a baby would to trick you into going outside. Late at night she'll scratch on your doors and windows. I don't know how people don't hear her scratching because everyone seems to be so shook in the mornings when they see big ol scratch marks on their property.

I don't know what the big bird symbolizes maybe it's

( add more stuff here ??? )

Moral of the story, don't follow birds. Be a good kid ( kind of ) and don't trust creepy old ladies ???

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June Sanchez

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