Andrew Carnegie A captain of Industry

-Carnegie was a very successful man and his daily wage was $9,200 and he personally made $23,000,000 a year. As opposed to the people who worked for him, who barely made $600 a year.

-If Carnegie lived in modern days his wage would be $92,000 a day. That is the equivalent to the of today.

- Carnegie was poor as a child. Him and his family lived in the attic room above his father's shop. Another family stayed with them too and the rent was only $20 year. As he grew up, he became so successful that he purchased Skibo Castle and to just renovate it, it costed $10,000,000.

Carnegie's House as a child.

Carnegie drove other businesses to the ground. He did this by dropping his prices lower than other businesses, because he was mass producing so he had enough money to do it.

Carnegie was always willing to improve his product and business by looking at other successful businesses and taking some ideas from their practices. Instead of focusing on new product, he always tried to make his old ones the best they could be.

Finally, at the end of Carnegie's run to improve steel, he donated much of his money to charities and he is the reason over 2,500 libraries are open. He also helped establish Carnegie Mellon College and helped to make the world a better place.

How Carnegie Affected us today

Carnegie gave us the steel that allows us to make railroads, which are a common use of transportation today.

His steel influenced architecture today because it is still used in many buildings today. Many are located in New York City.

Andrew Carnegie donated a lot of his wealth to create libraries. Many are still being used today by many people.

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