6 kingdoms of living things

Archaebacteria: Extremophile - Prokaryote - Unicellular - either Heterotroph or Autotroph - Sessile

Eubacteria: Prokaryote - Unicellular - Either Heterotroph or Autotroph and It is Sessile which mean it can move or it can not move

Protista: Eukaryote - Unicellular - Either Heterotrophs or autotroph and it is Sessile

Fungi: Eukaryote - it is either Unicellular or Multicellular- heterotroph and it can not move. I

Plantae: Eukaryote - It is Multicellular - Autotroph and it can not move.

Animalia: Eukaryote because it has a nucleus and it is multicellular- it is sessile


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