Grünewald Guild Forty Years in the Forest

The Grünewald Guild has practiced art among the Ponderosas since 1980. With each collective, creative connection, the soul emerges, love is resurrected, and new ways of living, being and moving through this world are experienced.

While we remember the Guild's namesake, Matthias Grünewald, whose work 500 years ago served as a medium of transformation in both personal healing and social reconciliation, we also celebrate this place in the "green woods" that for 40 years has been home to thousands of artists.

Forest Vision Graphic by Courtney Rutzer

What do you see as you gaze at the image above through the eyes of love? Just as the artist was moved by her experience in the act of creating this artwork, you too can bring the art back to life again through your participation, your encounter, your imagination.

A Symphony of Paths by Guild Faculty Tamisha Tyler

Gravel cries out underfoot

a rhythmic percussion

it is beaten down with each step

but in its cry, I hear the heartbeat of God

it is the rhythm to which my life has been


in a 3 by 4 measure

so as to always keep me on my toes

I too find myself in the cry of this gravel

like the sound of the African Drum

Sending word of celebration

"Come," it says

"let us feast."

Art from Our Community

Forest Path by Mary McLeod, February 2020

Handmade Book with Calligraphy & Mixed Media, 5 1/4 X 4 1/4"

Much of my current work creating handmade books is repurposing materials. In this book, I saved a small box from the trash and repurposed it in the creation of this book. I chose a forest path quote by Paulo Coehlo:

In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.

Our blessing to you as we prepare for our week together:

May the Spirit move us to step fully and faithfully onto the path already begun, prepared for us. May we walk this journey of promise in which one step leads to another: creative mystery in motion, idea plus action, imagination plus inspiration - seeking always the heart of community.

See you online next week!
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