Good Life Performance Michael Coletta

"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" was a complex play with many surprising twists. The set was beautiful and the actors did a wonderful job getting into character and convincing the audience of what they were portraying. Overall, it was a great production and I would definitely go see another, and encourage my friends to do the same.

When I first walked into the auditorium, I felt as if I was back in high school. The theatre was very similar to the one that I had back in Tampa. I seat in the second section in the middle of the auditorium, so I got a very good view of all the action. As the play was starting, the actress who was playing Sarah Bernhardt even came by and shook my hand welcoming me to the play. As the play was getting ready to start, I was anticipating a good performance, and I had a long day before walking into the theatre, so it felt very good to sit back, relax and enjoy the performance. The size and layout of the auditorium made me feel more involved in the play, as if I were watching these event unfold in person. As I said before, the actress who played Sarah came by and shook my hand, and the reporters rushed right by me. I was in the middle of the action. Overall, a great location to host a great play.
Before the performance, I was actually at a chapter meeting for the new fraternity that I am pledging for. So I was dressed in a shirt, tie, blazer and dress shoes, very over dressed for the occasion. I was meeting a friend at the theatre, however, I was unaware that they would seat us as we walked in, so I could not sit with him. Instead, I sat next to strangers and actually struck up a conversation. We started to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, but had to wait to finish our chat until intermission due to the lights dimming and the play starting. Shared experiences bring people closer together. No matter what the task, people who are doing something together will always come out of the experience closer than they came into it. The Good Life involves being surrounded by people who care about you, and shared experiences can definitely help you get there. I thought I that would not enjoy my experience because I could not sit with who I intended to, however, it worked out in the end, as I made some new friends.
Before attending the performance, I knew very little about it. I had read up on it, but I had only really skimmed through the reading. The performance made me realize how hard people had to work in order to provide for their families. It made me feel lucky and very privileged that I did not have to work like the young boy did in the play. Also, as a catholic, this play related to me a great deal. Growing up, I had to deal with people saying that the Catholic priests were all rapists and molesters. This can happen to anyone, and it was a shame that it happened in the house of God.
The play offers us an opportunity for katharsis in many instances. To talk about one, Talbot had the courage to come out and speak about his being molested. If he can come clean about such a horrible experience, then we should be able to do the same. Talbot showed us that we should have the courage to come clean and stand up to any injustices in our lives. I know that I would not be able to be able to live with such a weight on my shoulders. I would’ve had to come clean in order to be happy and fully move on with my life. I looked within myself and concluded that I need to be more honest with those around me, and to not close off from the world as much I do sometimes. I need to open up and come clean in order to truly be happy and attain the good life.

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