Are you planning to get the vaccine? Why or why not?

In an effort to eliminate COVID-19 in America, multiple vaccines have been developed, two of those currently available to citizens. The vaccines are being administered to Americans according to priority, an example being that the elderly are prioritized over healthy young adults. Many concerns surround the vaccine due to distrust in the government, distrust in the medical system in communities of color, and suspicion of the authenticity and validity of the scientific process that gave way to the vaccine. Many people believe that the vaccine will be effective and a lot of these people have already gotten their first dose or both doses of the vaccine. However, events from our nation's history, recent events that took place under the Trump administration and general vaccine opposition prevent many Americans from taking the vaccine.

Senior Anna Buck said, “I would definitely like to because I trust Pfizer as a company, and I think it’s one of the first steps to getting over the pandemic as a country. Of course I’ll only get mine when people like first responders, health care workers and anyone else with more priority to my ‘age group’ get theirs. I do plan to get the vaccine.”

Junior Braeden Brooks said, “No, simply because it hasn’t been tested for long enough yet. Plus, I don’t feel very vulnerable to the virus, if that makes sense. I usually stay home and don’t hang with old people all that much.”

Sophomore Kameran Long said, “I am planning on getting the vaccine because I believe that this is one of the biggest steps to preventing the spread of corona and also to limit the risk of myself and others getting it.”

Counselor Rebecca Learner said, “I am definitely planning on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine will keep me from getting seriously ill and will protect others around me. It's the responsible thing to do. I believe in science!”

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