Vacations: vital to your mental and physical health dana perelberg

About 40% of Americans don't plan on taking paid time off this year.

Many people fail to realize how important it is to take a break. They’re so invested in work or school that the thought of vacation seems absurd.

80% of workers admitted to not taking their time off. This means that they are spending all of their time at work, and not getting a chance to destress. While many think vacations are just a way to get out of work taking a vacation is actually vital to your mental and physical health

Bringing it Back

Taking a vacation helps people to renew and come back stronger. Those stuck in a rut at work should highly consider taking a break. Traveling, or even just enjoying their hometown can help a person develop new ideas and new ways of thinking. This could possibly help them when they get back to work. People who take the time to daydream and admire their surroundings without the stress of work overall do better once they get back.

A study by Ernst and Young Accounting Firm actually found that for each additional 10 hours an employee took for vacation, his or her performance review was 8 percent higher the next year. This is partially due to the fact that there is so much to discover in the world, and staying stuck under heaps of work won’t help to improve performance, taking the time to learn about the world will. Even bosses who take time off are better leaders once they get back to work.


Stress can cause fatigue, insomnia, and depression. 80% of workers said they felt some type of stress at their job. Taking a vacation will definitely help that. Relaxing in the sun or hiking on a mountain will help free your mind of work thoughts. The weight of constant paperwork will slowly drift away. And it doesn’t end when you get back to work. Having the time off makes you more relaxed and kind of puts you in a ‘start over’ mode. It gives you a fresh chance, making you less likely to have a breakdown. This doesn’t just go for work. Those who frequently take care of others, such as parents can also destress. Not having to cook, or clean can relieve you of the stress you feel in your everyday, busy life.

Stuck Like Glue

Taking a vacation can overall help relationships between family members. Family vacations majorly help bonding(Just watch Blended) Breaks allow families to do activities together. Parents who are usually at work a majority of the week get a chance to talk with their children about what’s going on in their lives. Siblings also get the opportunity to become closer. Plus parents can finally have the constant family dinner they’ve wanted for so long- with all of the family.

Just Book One

The importance of taking a vacation is hard to ignore. So go out there and just book one! There are many advantages to taking a break, whether from work or school. So take a vacation.

Taking a vacation is not neglecting your job, it's helping your performance, your well-being an your physical state.

"I have never believed that vacations are luxuries. They are our necessities–just like shelter, clothes, and food, they make us feel like humans and not like animals that care only for survival." -Alexandra Babinets
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