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since 1909 we have been based on quality, research and innovation
tradition and innovation in our products In our nurseries we produce quality plants starting from the selection of the source material. Seeds, rods, cuttings, everything must pass a strict quality check before starting the cultivation. Many plants follow a traditional path, growing in the open land and then being stored in special containers that prepare them for transplanting and encourage them to take root. Other plants are grown in containers becau-se they have a shorter cycle, such as roses, climbing plants, flowering and landscape shrubs. We use techniques and technologies that enhance the root system while caring for the environment. The result is plants capable of developing in a short time and allowing more than satisfactory results in any type of green work.
600.000 s.m. of land under cultivation

Many of the cultivated trees are obtained from the mass selection of young plants. Their management in the nursery involves fertilisa-tion with low nitrogen content but high levels of phosphorus and potassium, so as to stimulate good tolerance to stress of biotic (pa-thogens and parasites) and abiotic (environmental such as water shortages, wind and frost) origin. Transplants carried out every 3 or 4 years and the preservation of the central leading branch guarantee the maintenance of the typical natural architecture of the tree. Many trees are sold frankly potted, they need high density cultivation in the early stages of growth to obtain tall plants, and thanks to the containment pruning, the mechanical damage caused by the action of snow is reduced

As for the plants sold packed in the white bag, the quality is even higher, especially at root level: better ventilation, reduced heat ab-sorption and no spiral shaping, guarantees for optimal rooting. The environmental and logistics advantages are guaranteed by the 60% reduction in plastic used, its recyclability and easier handling thanks to the presence of handles.

Our nurseries We cultivate following tradition but keeping up with innovative techniques, aiming for the best quality and sustainability. According to ancient Pistoia tradition, we select the starting material, paying attention to the correct development of the trunk, foliage and root system.
We carry out at least three transplants for the correct conformation of the root system, we follow the directions of the Qualiviva technical data sheets of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry Policies that meet the European quality parameters. Some plants end the production cycle in special containers that favour the correct development of the roots, others are grown in recyclable ventilated containers.
We have plants for gardens, for public green areas and for interventions in the landscape, in clod, traditional container, breathable bag, Air-Pot and Plant-Plast. Our technicians are available to help you with botanical and dimensional choices.
Pinus pinea ready for sale

A conifer always appreciated for its shape and beauty, which characterizes the landscape of southern Europe and the Mediterranean coasts.

Our plants are appreciated for their quality by international landscape architects and private individuals who use them in both private and public projects. A quality that starts from the seed and continues over the years of cultivation with precise care. The result is a wide range of high quality pine trees, available in pots, Plant-Plast, bag and Air-Pot. We have young plants with about two and a half meters in height up to unique specimens with more than twenty years of cultivation.

Each ready-to-sell plant has spent at least a year in observation to ensure quality and rooting capacity.

Quercus ilex (Holm Oak)

Mediterranean plant present in many areas of Italy. We grow a selection of plants, particularly resistant to scab, with graceful leaves, and plants obtained by seed with typical variations in leaf size. From young bushes to large plants with natural gait to create hedges and landscape shields. The trees are produced with free canopy, ideal for use in gardens, parks and landscaping. Young trees are available in containers and bags, larger plants, up to rare specimens of ready effect in Plant-Plast and Air-Pot. Each year, the operation that puts plants in clods, takes place in a specific time period followed by a year of conservation in our nurseries before they are put on sale. This attention reduces the risk of failure to take root due to transplant stress to practically zero percent.

Trees in bags.

A good selection of species and varieties of deciduous leaved trees. High quality material offered in special cultivation bags (recyclable) that enhance the develop-ment of the plant’s root system thanks to their aeration. Heal-thy, strong and vigo-rous plants able to take root quickly and continue their growth without suffering because of the tran-splant (if properly planted and regularly irrigated).

Available in the following dimensions: trunk girth cm 12/14 - trunk girth cm 14/16 - trunk girth cm 16/18 - trunk girth cm 18/20 - trunk girth cm 20/25 - trunk girth cm 25/30 - trunk girth cm 30/35

Our experts are able to advise you on the most suitable species and varieties to meet your design require-ments.

Trees in bags ready sales
unique and guaranteed large trees
Ready-effect specimens Having roots that sink down to 1909 allows us to have special trees with thirty or more years of cultivation. Large deciduous leaved tre-es, evergreen and conifers, often unique specimens that can be used in the restoration of historic parks or to give maximum character to a historic and contemporary green area.
Safe plants because they are kept under observation for a year in our nurseries and often equipped with conservation systems that favour the development of the root system to avoid transplanting traumas. Unique plants that can allow you to avoid dozens of years to wait for their growth, and can give a mature appearance even to newly created gardens. Large specimens have been successfully transplanted in the French Riviera, the Emerald Coast, Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy, Madrid and Paris. A very long experience with this special kind of plants and the continuation of cultivation beyond production standards allows us to guarantee safe results.
some examples of our adult plants
Platanus Platanor® “Vallis Clausa”
The coloured cancer-resistant Platanus, a patented clone able to resist the disease that is killing these trees in Europe. Fast growing, vigorous, produces large, healthy, bright le-aves. Thanks to its fast growth it captures large amounts of CO2 and has a good capacity to absorb fine dust. Ideal so-lution for tree-lined avenues in urban and non-urban areas, industrial areas, public parks and private gardens. It can also be planted close to or in replacement of plants that have died of that disease.
Because of its speed in development, the Platanor® “Vallis Clausa” can also be used in urban re-placements of large trees. In just three years, from relatively young specimens, you can obtain plants of considerable size. Since 2006 it has been used in many parts of Italy, where the outbreak of the disease has caused huge losses. None of the plants used has ever shown signs of disease, not even in extreme situations where the Platanor® “Vallis Clausa” have been transplanted among plants already sick.
Platanus Platanor® “Vallis Clausa”
environmental awareness

Sensitive to the environment

We are now in the fifth Mati generation running the company and wish to continue the family tradition. That’s why we put the utmost effort into running the nursery business. Our most important certification is the date of birth of the company: 1909. In the nurseries we select cultivation techniques and sustainable products for the nursery (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), we apply integrated pest control assisted by the annual launch of twenty to thirty thousand antagonistic insects. All in respect of the environment and for future generations.

As a guarantee of what has been previously said, we have hives in our nurseries, we use bees both to encourage pollination and to monitor environmental quality.

Lastly, we collaborate with the Universities of Florence and Pisa and we have a number of research projects aimed at further improving the environmental performance of our nurseries and our business.

Benefits produced by one of our production nurseries, 300,000 square meters 
Plants, Gardens, Flavors and Green Culture