12 days of Tech-mas by, Adam Kelvington

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is something that you can make videos, pages, and posts on. It helps with making your presentations just a little bit better. It will make something not very smart into something that looks just a little bit more smart. I have used it once in social studies.


Canva is a designer program where you can make what you want to. The only problem with it is that you are kinda seat belted with the stuff you can do. Also sometimes you might have to pay for something on there. I still love canva because it makes things easy and non-complicated.


ConnectED is something that we use in math class to see our math book online. I use it every day because I don't like hauling around my textbook everywhere. It is much lighter just to carry your chromebook.


Fireworks is a computer programming thing where you can design pictures. We used it in computers so we can edit photos. I think it is very easy to use. Also it is very fun and something you can do by yourself.


If you ever need to study vocab this is a good program for you. You can use flashcards and play games. I personally use it to study vocab for Spanish. When you do games always try to beat your friends.


If you like to play video games then this is a program for you. You can make all your own games you want threw this program. From first person shooters to third person racing games. This program is one of the most fun things you will do in the 5th grade.


This is another one of the most fun things that you will do in school. Also it helps you study. So it is a win win situation. It is very competitive when your playing it in class with your classmates. Always try to win for class pride.


Do you ever have a problem with your grammar on papers? I do. Usually I get docked points for not having good grammar on papers. Not anymore though. Grammarly helps you with your grammar so you don't get bad grades anymore.


If you ever wanted to make a video then this is the site for you. You can make videos and I think that it is very easy to use. I have used it many times and I have loved it.


Another way to study is using the site voces. It helps me with all of my Spanish. Also it will show you different countrys and there heritage. There is also many different ways thaat you can study threw games and quizzes.


Although it is not much faster than just clicking on the tab button it is still fast. Also it is kind of cool to use. It is very fun to just click on the button. Finally it helps make the kids that aren't smart look smart.


This is the worst thing that can happen to you on your chrome book. Your friends will all be laughing while you will be there not happy. Although it is very fun to do to friends. Just don't be that kid to do the deed.

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