Truly loving your spouse Discovering the love language of a future spouse is key to having a successful marriage.

The individual who's love language is this, loves to receive gifts, and most of the time, it could be the simplest gift. But, this shows that person was being thought of. This is one of the beginning stages for those who participate in premarital counseling.

Another well known love language for most couples is one of physical touch, this love language is a self explained, but it means everything to the individual who most responds to touch. Learning about his or her spouse will save the marriage before it begins.

Another love language is quality time. Those with this love language do not care what the game plan is, just as long as they are with their significant other. Spending quality time with their significant other is important, and learning how to love them the best through premarital counseling will improve their relationship.

Another love language is known as words of affirmation, this is a simple expression of love, but is one of the most deadly because it could build up, or tear down a relationship just by words alone. Knowing the power of ones words can flourish the marriage, or destroy it.

All of these love languages are great to learn and understand, but it is so crucial to know that by participating in a premarital counseling program with train someone to learn about love languages.

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