studying 101 by alex B


the film is going to be about a student that falls asleep during math class only to dream about himself dreaming about him failing the upcoming math test. his dreaming self then wakes up do to his anxiety of failing the test and begins to study. after the student finishes studying in his dreams he ends up being woken up by the teacher sassing him for going to sleep in class and makes him answer a question. This time though because of his studying in his dreams he is able to answer the question given.

this story is based around the fact that people tend to dream about their anxieties so in this film he dreams about him failing a test and through that he ends up studying in his head while asleep, making him learn things he didn't know before. This would show how people think that while kids are sleeping in school, they

i will be main character, Lawson is teacher,

classroom will be bland and white while at home warm and comferting

story board

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