April 2017 I will be their God, and they shall be My people. EZ 37:27

The month of April is about to end! It has been a privilege to work for God, without a doubt a season of growth and learning. I share the things that I have been a part of this month.


On April 20, we went out to give away Bibles in a neighborhood. The heat is already beginning to be felt in the city. We rang the doorbell. the place was a hallway, divided into rooms where different families live. A man about 45 years old came out, and as always, I was surprised of his response.

-Good afternoon, can I give you a Bible?

-"A Bible?" He smiled. I was invited to a church and i was told to bring my bible, I did not have it, but I still wanted to attend, but now that I have my own bible, I will not have to attend empty-handed.

I love knowing that i have the privilege of giving bibles to people who have never had one, much less the opportunity to read it, but in the moment you give them a bible, besides receiving it with a smile, they want someone to visit them and show them how to read it.

Part of my job is to do the logistics of the distributions (maps, transportation, equipment) and give the churches the data so they can visit the people afterwards.

I firmly believe that Bibles for Mexico is a foundation for a revival in the city.

We have given away more than 24,000 Bibles, which already covers 20% of the city!

Mazatlán, Sin. In green are the homes that already have the Word of God.

I ask you with all my heart to keep me in your prayers, I believe it is a ministry that is extremely important to be covered in intercession. I ask you to pray for:

  • May God always go before us: giving us wisdom, continue to see miracles, healings and more people surrendering their life to Jesus.
  • The church of Mazatlan: that more churches join the vision and in this way can visit the people who have already received a bible.
  • For protection: against assaults, accidents, etc.


I have the opportunity to work with a team from Hawaii that is here on outreach, we have attended El Armadillo, Sinaloa (a small town that is 40 minutes outside the city) every Tuesday to support Pastor Rolando with services.

We do other activities such as evangelism in the downtown of the city, attend a children's feeding center.


As part of being staff, in YWAM we are invited to become part of the leadership school in order to invest in our growth and development within our daily activities.


I have committed to attending Eirene Church and play the keyboard with the worship team on Sundays. it is a great blessing for me to be a part of this church and to see God's plans for this place.

Thank you for being part of this with me, for your support, with your prayers and financially. I would like to know if I can be praying for you in something.

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