Finding the beauty of nature Florida Museum of natural history

Nature on Display: I chose this exhibit as the most appealing because it was very fascinating to me that the display was real and not with just fake plants. When the different species of the plants is not your favorite subject to learn, it is very hard to give attention to the exhibit if it is in just an ordinary setting. I really enjoyed looking at this exhibit in particular because it explained the different species of the flower in West Florida with great drawing on the background with a real garden with plants as a display. I think this exhibit serves as a great mean to learn about the nature especially in an interesting way.
Nature and Ethics: This is the picture I took in the Butterfly Rainforest. I was mesmerized by the setting because I could see different kinds of butterflies up close and experience the habitat. I could also learn that there are numerous kinds of trees and flowers that made up the great environment for butterflies. I was surprised how well the butterflies were kept. They had plenty of fruits and flowers where they could easily get their needed nutrition. Also, they had plenty of rooms with great temperature where they could freely fly around. The Butterfly Rainforest allowed me learn the way to "love, respects, and admire" the nature. Instead of being the conquerers, the faculty of the museum was providing the species the best environment. Also, I think it was a great way to connect to the nature. All the visitors were given the opportunity to closely look at different species of butterflies and plants. This opportunity for sure gave me the sense of ethnical responsibility. I learned that I should keep the nature as it is and "love, respect, and admire" the environment I am gratefully given.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit gave me a fascinating experience as it was very interesting to look at. The whole section was very mesmerizing with all the historical facts greatly explained and displayed. The displays were presented so real that I could easily experience what it feels like to live in a Native American community. I could see their own ways of life which was very unique. By looking at the figures' facial expression and their united community, I could bring back their great history I learned back in high school. I could sense their courage and courtesy from the figures. The museum helped me step out of my ordinary life by giving me an opportunity to learn the great history of Native Americans.

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