Model UN at the University Of Michigan JANUARY 12 - 15, 2017

our greenhills delegates

Harrison Li, Max Miller, Evan DeRose, Mubarak Hassan, Trey Feldeisen, Jack Di Marzo, Jessica Norris, Johnny Ellsworth, Beatrice Chen, Henry Branch, Zoe Stone, Emma Sherman-Hawver, Annie Chen, Johannes Kretzler, Nathan Rosenblum, Caton Arreguin, Abril Robinson, Augie Guo, Bonnie Liu, Evan Fortson (Not pictured: Nikhil Chamarthi, Maddy Tan)

This January, 22 extraordinary Greenhills students served as delegates at the University of Michigan's 30th annual Model United Nations Conference. They actively debated and collaborated with other delegates to craft innovative solutions to global issues and managed to have a lot of fun too!


UN Security Council

Jack DiMarzo (Egypt) was a passionate advocate for his nation on the UN Security Council. During the conference, Egypt quickly became the primary focus of the SC, as a "crisis" news release reported that Egyptian citizens were infected with an incurable, highly contagious disease, sparking civil unrest and a global public health crisis forcing the closure of the Suez Canal. Jack also co-sponsored a directive to investigate human rights abuses by international private military countries (PMCs), citing his country's experiences with such groups during the Arab Spring.

Economic and social council

Nikhil Chamarthi (Argentina) received an award ("2nd place tier") for his leadership during the conference, notably co-sponsoring resolutions addressing climate change and currency wars. Additionally, Johnny Ellsworth (Egypt) crafted innovative solutions to support countries investing in sustainable energy projects and research, co-sponsoring a resolution focussed on proactive solutions to the climate crisis. Taking a different approach, Abril Robinson (Uganda), joined with other developing nations to passionately advocate for more immediate solutions to urgent environmental disasters.

Arab league

The Arab League faced many unexpected obstacles throughout the conference. Bonnie Liu (Egypt) received recognition ("3rd place tier") for her leadership and expertise. After the League received a threat of sanctions from the Trump administration (initially alerted to delegates via Tweet, of course), Bonnie challenged fellow members to think critically and strategically about the potential economic and geopolitical consequences of their responses.


During the conference, SOCHUM successfully combatted the abuse of human rights at an international level. Caton Arreguin (Egypt) collaborated with fellow delegates to improve the integration of refugees into different societies. Zoe Stone (Argentina) targeted the polio epidemic in Pakistan, by co-sponsoring a resolution aimed at improving access to vaccinations, education, and health care.

special political and decolonization committee

Our delegates on the SPECPOL committee, Mubarak Hassan (Egypt), Emma Sherman-Hawver (Argentina), and Harrison Li (Uganda), addressed urgent international issues, including the Syrian government crisis in Aleppo and Russian border military buildup. Mubarak and Harrison aligned with delegates from NATO countries to co-sponsor a resolution to enforce a deliberate and peaceful transition of power in Syria.

historical general assembly

In celebration of UM Model UN's 30th conference, the Historical General Assembly traveled back in time to re-imagine some of the world's biggest crises in 1987. Jessica Norris (Egypt) received an award ("2nd place tier") for her leadership as she and her fellow delegates addressed the South African and Angola border conflict, the Israel and Lebanon conflict, and the Iran-Iraq War. Jessica passionately advocated for the interests of her country and played an instrumental role in bridging the ideological divides that were present in the world 30 years ago.

spanish civil war simulation

Traveling even further back in time, delegates in the Spanish Civil War simulation began the conference in 1936. Evan Fortson took on the role of Juan Garcia Oliver, an anarchist revolutionary, joining with fellow leaders from Republican Spain. Evan quickly proved himself a formidable commander, uniting his fellow anarchists and unionists to establish strongholds in Catalonia, eventually establishing their own nation in a divided Spain.

mexican drug cartel conflict simulation

Delegates took an alternative look at why the War on Drugs has lasted more than a decade. By looking at the government policies, corruption, and border conflicts through the eyes of the cartel leaders, delegates discussed the flaws of the current system from a new perspective. Trey Feldeisen (Jose Manuel "El Ondeado" Torres Felix) and Evan DeRose (Juan "El Quique" Mejia Gonzalez) began the conference representing rival cartels (Sinaloa Federation and La Compañía) but soon united to combat stricter border controls and effectively "influence" Mexican government policies.

Disarmament and international security committee

Henry Branch (Egypt), Johannes Kretzler (Argentina), and Maddy Tan (Uganda) collaborated with fellow delegates to address pressing disarmament and international security matters, including cyber warfare, biological and chemical weapons, and the militarization of the South China Sea. Henry allied with the delegates to co-sponsor a resolution to combat cyber warfare proactively, by designing improved cyber defense strategies.


As part of the Legal Committee, Beatrice Chen (Egypt), Augie Guo (Argentina), and Nathan Rosenblum (Uganda) engaged in intensive debate aimed at settling the legal questions it confronted throughout the conference, including the definition of terrorism, the legal status of people displaced by climate change, and the criminal accountability of UN personnel on missions.


As representatives to UNICEF, Annie Chen (Egypt) and Max Miller (Uganda) worked to address human rights for children and women. In particular, they collaborated with their fellow delegates crafting resolutions to prioritize equal educational opportunities for all genders, impede human trafficking, and aid child victims of armed conflict.

congratulations delegates!

You represented Greenhills and your countries with passion, diplomatic skill, and integrity.

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