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Nashville Location
Surrounding states


Nashville ,Tennessee is located on the Cumberland River in the north central part of the state. It has plenty of surrounding cities including Clarksville, Cookeville,Gallatin, and Murfreesboro etc. The whole city of Nashville is surrounded by fertile farmland which makes it a strong economic. Nashville is not only surrounded by cites there are states that surround it to. Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama,Georgia , and North & South Carolina. The capital is aslo located by victory park

The battle of Nashville


Tennessee became a state on June 1,1796 and was also admitted as the 16th state in the united states. The town of Nashville was found by James Robertson,John Donelson, and a party of over mountain men.There was many battles in Tennessee and Tennessee was also included in the civil war. Another battle was the Battle Of Nashville on December 15-16, 1864. The state was occupied by union troops for the duration of the war. The battle was a significant union victory and perhaps the most decive tactical victory gained by either side in the war. With the confederates in the deep south almost constantly in retreat of the union. The state of Nashville quickly grew because of its location and its accessibility


The Athens Replica

Nashville Tennessee, was know as the Athens in the south. 1897 for Tennessee's centennial exposition city fathers built a full scale replica of the Athens, the most famous land mark. Nashville has also been know as Music City since 1925. The WSM broadcast in 1925 called Grand Ole Opry secured Nashville reputation as a musical center and sparked its name as music city. In 1928 all country music singers have went there to the Nashville festival.

Cooter's- The dukes of hazzered museum and store

Things to do

In Nashville tn, you can go see the Country Hall of Fame and the museum.

You cant also go see the parks that are over 2,500 acers and the Parthenon is in the middle of the park.

You can go watch music singers like Larsen Lucas on Feb 15,2017.

The Lane Motor museum in Nashville for free on every first Monday of the month.

Another thing to do is to go and see the Johnny Cash Museum and it is $94.00 a person

The Dukes of Hazzerd museum and store

Recent Happenings

Ken Whitehouse is out of the DA's office. Anton Kanevsky jumped to his death from a 31 story building. Only racist want to keep the road called Negro Creek road. Geting rid of the state museum to make more room for other buildings. They are taking a jail and making it into a hotel.

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