Florida Museum of Natural History: The Good Life Taylor wilson

Nature on Display: Butterfly Rainforest

PC: Taylor Wilson

The butterfly rainforest was memorable and enjoyable because you were completely immersed in the environment. If you closed your eyes, all you could hear were birds chirping, the sound of the waterfall, and the smell of the fresh plants that surrounded you. This exhibit left more of an impression on me than if I were to just study butterflies in a textbook because I could actually watch them fly and look up close when one landed on a flower. One thing I learned was that butterflies like to eat fruit.

PC: Taylor Wilson
Nature and Ethics: The Native American Indians
PC: Taylor Wilson

The various exhibits on the early Native American Indians were particularly intriguing to me. The indians are the perfect examples of "members of the biotic community" because they used everything around them as resources to survive, not to gain power, just to live. When I came across these exhibits, it made me feel guilty for being an individual in the modern world who is contributing to the pollution of our environment every day (ex. car/gas, waste, electricity, etc.). This definitely made me appreciate what I do have, and realize what are somethings that I take for granted, like having clean water. Others around me also seemed fascinated with the indian exhibits, also taking in the experience of it all.

Nature & The Human Spirit: The Dinosaurs - The Mastodon and Mammoths

PC: Taylor Wilson

PC: Taylor Wilson

The museum as a whole helped me to gain a different perspective of our world, but the life-size dinosaur exhibits struck with me the most. At this day in age, it is easy to not think about where we came from and what Earth was like before human civilization. Experiencing the enormous size of the dinosaurs made me think of how much we really don't know about this world and even this universe. Some parts of this world we live in will always remain a mystery, but that just makes us appreciate all that we do know and have already discovered. For instance, medicine and technology still have many unknowns but we have made incredible progress in recent centuries and that is something to be grateful for.

*All photos shown taken by Taylor Wilson*

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